Final Fantasy cosplayer joins the resistance as incredible Tifa Lockhart

Georgina Smith
Cosplayer Hyoon next to Tifa Final Fantasy's Tifa
Square Enix / Instagram: aikuros

Fans of Final Fantasy are loving streamer Hyoon’s perfect take on popular character Tifa Lockhart, matching the original look exactly and looking as if she had come straight from the game.

2020’s Final Fantasy VII remake was hugely anticipated, with both new and old fans of the franchise keen to delve into the world of the game again, with it having been first released way back in 1997.

A wide range of iconic characters has emerged from the hugely popular franchise, including Aerith, Cloud Strife, and of course Tifa Lockhart.

Square Enix
Tifa Lockhart is one of the main characters in Final Fantasy VII.

While Tifa was always popular, the remake being released in 2020 certainly seemed to add a further boost, and many in the cosplay community tried their hand at recreating the series’ fierce fighter.

Hyoon was one such person to take on the character’s combat-inspired costume, and she definitely hit the nail on the head, with her post quickly gaining thousands of likes on Twitter.

Hyoon had the outfit down perfectly – a white sports top with a black under-layer giving off the perfect athletic feel, with the leather braces hung from her neck and attached to her skirt which added the combat vibes.

The black elbow-length gloves are adorned with buckles and straps which makes her look ready for battle as Tifa, and tie in with the pleather skirt for a cohesive look.


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At the bottom of the image the tops of thigh-length black socks can be seen, just going to show how well the look matches to the original outfit.

Her sleek dark brown hair rests on her shoulder on one side, which is reminiscent of many of Tifa’s promotional images, and her expertly applied makeup is the finishing touch to an overall fantastic cosplay.

Fans certainly seem to love it as well, with Hyoon’s tweet showcasing her work at over 93,000 likes at the time of writing.