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DOOM & Animal Crossing cosplay mash-up is adorable yet terrifying

Published: 15/Apr/2020 7:57

by Brad Norton


DOOM and Animal Crossing have been interwoven like never before thanks to this adorably frightful cosplay that combines the two video games.

Hot off the release of DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, one crafty cosplayer has taken the two franchises and merged them into one captivating costume.

From the adorable designs of Nintendo’s title to the battle-ready armor of Doomguy, this cosplay is sure to rip and tear at your heartstrings. 

DOOM Eternal serves as a direct sequel to 2016’s reboot of the FPS franchise.

After putting together an impressive DOOM costume, popular cosplayer Olivia ‘AvantGeek’ Mears decided to step things up a notch by adding a whimsical flair. 

Incorporating the cuteness of Animal Crossing’s cartoonish characters, with the full set of upper body armor from the DOOM series, her Doom Slayer Isabelle cosplay came to life.


Adorning Isabelle’s red hairband to match the blood-soaked chest-piece of Doomguy, she posed for a few pictures with a demon’s eyeball gruesomely attached to the end of her fishing rod.

It’s been a long time since I made armor and I’ve had the Isabelle ears finished since last year,” she outlined after combining the two separate pieces.

An in-depth YouTube video also showed off the design process behind the DOOM armor, revealing every piece of equipment needed to prepare for combat. 

“As both secretary to the town’s mayor and doomslayer, it’s not only my job to rip and tear, but to rip and care,” she joked all in character. 


As the latest entries in each franchise released on the same date, there was plenty of overlap in the marketing for both DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

If you’re a fan of both, this cosplay is certainly one to strike a chord. One can only hope we’ll get the crossover sooner or later.