Overwatch cosplayer brings the cavalry with amazing Punk Tracer costume

Instagram: arorea / Blizzard Entertainment

American cosplayer ‘arorea’ has won the hearts of Overwatch fans with an incredible Punk Tracer costume.

Tracer is the poster girl of Overwatch. Even if you don’t play the Blizzard FPS title, you’ve bound to see her plastered around social media. The British DPS character is bright, bubbly, and loveable.

However, some of her skins in-game show a bit of a different side to the gal most players know and love. Her Punk skin is arguably her most contrasting, but it’s a hit with fans.

Punk Tracer skin in Overwatch on Hanamura backdropBlizzard Entertainment
Punk Tracer is one of the DPS’ most iconic skins.

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So when American cosplayer arorea took it on for herself, and nailed it, people came flocking. While the cosplay is one of arorea’s older designs ⁠— having first debuted in 2017 ⁠— it still remains one of her most popular, and it holds a “sentimental” place in her heart.

It’s fair to say that it should hold a special meaning to her too. It was one of her bigger cosplay projects, and she pulled it off to perfection.

Instead of just copying the cosmetic though, arorea added a few twists on the skin to make it her own.

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From the leather jacket to the chrono accelerator adorning her chest, arorea’s cosplay made Tracer look more like a force of evil than one for good.

Her armguards were black and white, compared to the blues of the character’s original costume. She also muted a bit of the bright pinks and blues, putting in her own, darker aesthetic across the board.

To top it off as well, she designer her own pulse pistols in a deep purple.

Just because it doesn’t look like a splitting image of what players equip in-game, doesn’t mean it’s not amazing. In fact, arorea has taken the concept, and upped it to the next level.

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She has taken on other heroes in the Overwatch roster too. Her Brigitte cosplay looks straight off the battlefield with full armor, while her next “monster project” will be the mystical Atlantic Mercy skin.

When she’s not cosplaying characters from Blizzard’s popular hero-based shooter, she takes on broader pop culture figures, including Gwen Stacy from Spiderman and Leia from Star Wars.