Demon Slayer cosplayer is ready for battle as Love Pillar Mitsuri Kanroji

Matt Porter
Instagram: kibocosplay_ / Ufotable

A talented Demon Slayer cosplayer has put together a perfect recreation of the popular anime’s Love Pillar, showing off her take on Mitsuri Kanroji. 

It takes a special anime to explode to worldwide acclaim instantly, but Demon Slayer enthralled audiences around the world with its explosive debut season in 2019 — capturing the imagination of viewers thanks to its dark themes and intriguing characters.

The series follows the story of Tanjiro Kamado, a young boy determined to avenge the brutal murders of his family by a gang of demons. To make matters worse, they also turned his sister into one of the fearsome creatures.

Desperate to find a cure for Nezuko and bring her back to human form, he becomes a member of the Demon Corps, and during his quest meets the organization’s Pillars — powerful warriors who kill demons — including the popular Love Pillar Mitsuri Kanroji.

Mitsuri Kanroji looking shy in Demon Slayer. Ufotable
Mitsuri is shy and loveable, but a talented and ruthless demon slayer.

In the Demon Corps, the strongest and most skillful warriors are known as Pillars, each with their own unique title, look, and abilities. Despite being known as the Love Pillar, Mitsuri Kanroji can regularly be seen slaying the creatures with her trusty sword, and with her incredibly kind nature mixed with her steely determination to rid the earth of the beasts, it’s no surprise that many viewers immediately became enamored by the character.

Instagram user ‘kibocosplay_‘ is clearly a massive fan of the character, showing off her perfect take on Demon Slayer’s Love Pillar with an incredible cosplay which brings Mitsuri Kanroji to life in stunning detail… So good that it looks like the character was lifted out of the anime and into real life.

Sitting on a rock beside a stream, Esperenza can be seen wearing a perfect green and pink wig, styled just like the character’s own hair (braided into two plaits that fall either side of her face). Her costume is just as accurate, complete with her black Demon Corps dress and her green socks, and of course, completed by her signature blade, showing she’s ready to strike down any demons who get too close.

While Demon Slayer became a smash hit worldwide, Ufotable has yet to announce when the second season of the anime will release, as fans anxiously wait for the next chapter in the story.

There is some good news for those desperate for more Demon Slayer tales, as a special movie titled “Mugen Train” will release in Japan in October 2020, which will act as a bridge between Season 1 and 2.