Marvel Legends surprise fans with long-requested Silver Surfer figure

Christopher Baggett
Marvel Legends Silver Surfer

Fans looking to pick up the long-requested, elusive Marvel Legends Silver Surfer have a better chance now, thanks to a surprise reissue.

The Marvel Legends team wowed fans last week with the massive announcement of their Marvel 85th Anniversary Wave. However, it seems the team still has a few surprises up their sleeves.

The Marvel Legends Silver Surfer, a figure fans have long wanted, is dropping today for pre-order from the cosmos itself.

The original release for this figure was back in 2018 as a Walgreens exclusive. The figure has become somewhat elusive in the time since, with many fans calling for a reissue or updated version of the character.

Most recently, a Silver Surfer was available as a pack-in for the massive Haslabs Galactus, which ended its funding campaign in 2022 and has been slowly making its way into collector’s hands.

The surprise Silver Surfer drop follows a monster week of Marvel Legends reveals for highly requested figures, including Astonishing X-Men-era Wolverine and Superior Spider-Man. It also follows the groundbreaking news that the MCU’s Fantastic Four relaunch would feature a female Silver Surfer played by Julia Garner.

Marvel Legends Silver Surfer is currently up for pre-order and expected to ship in August 2024.

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