How strong is Kang the Conqueror? Powers & weaknesses explained in Marvel Comics

Christopher Baggett
Kang the Conqueror on the Timeless #1 cover artMarvel Comics

Kang the Conqueror is always on the horizon as a threat in Marvel Comics and TV shows such as Loki, but the terrifying warlord of time actually has no powers.

Long before he became a central point in Marvel’s Loki and Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania, Kang the Conqueror terrorized the Marvel Universe. The fearsome time traveler is one of the Avengers’ earliest foes and has long been considered a universal threat to all life. 

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Fans only briefly got to know the MCU version, but comics Kang is very well-known. He only lives to conquer, and he’s damn good at it. It doesn’t stop him from getting his butt handed to him by the Avengers throughout history, but he keeps coming back, and each time he very nearly wins. 

With a seemingly endless array of weapons and the ability to travel through time, it’s a wonder Kang ever loses. However, even Kang has his breaking points. 

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If you’re new to the idea of Kang, he can be a little confusing. Here are all of Kang the Conqueror’s powers and weaknesses in Marvel Comics, and in Loki.

Kang the Conqueror’s powers explained

Kang the Conqueror exits a time portal.Marvel Comics
Kang’s armor allows him access to his armory of incredible weapons.

Kang’s battle armor

On his own, Kang isn’t much stronger or more durable than an average man and doesn’t actually have any natural powers. Much of Kang’s strength lies in his strong battle armor.

The suit hails from the far future and imbues Kang with everything he needs in his travels as the conqueror. 

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Kang’s fantastical weaponry is also accessed via the armor, from guns to blades and everything in between. The armor will also keep him alive in a pinch, allowing him to survive in any environment and recover from serious wounds. 

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Perhaps the most notable aspect of the suit is its force field. The field has proven to be all but invincible, with Kang surviving some of the most devastating blasts that can be thrown at him. 

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Immortus holding The Vision and Human Torch.Marvel Comics
The oldest variant of Kang, Immortus, still appears relatively young.

Kang ages slower than humans

Kang appears to be immortal, but this is because he ages slowly. This is thanks to his upbringing in the future of an alternate Earth. 

Kang is originally from the 30th century, from an advanced civilization that hailed from an alternate Earth. They’ve mastered their own biology, and as a result, they age much slower than normal people do. 

Kang appears to be in his early to mid-40s. However, because his aging is slowed to roughly half-speed, he’s actually in his 70s. Other versions of Kang, such as his oldest variant, Immortus, hint that he’ll live for a long, long time yet.

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Kang the Conqueror in the comics.Marvel
Despite fighting the Avengers for decades, Kang is still a mortal man.

Kang the Conqueror weakness explained

Kang has no true powers and can still die like a mortal man – that’s his key weakness. Despite his powerful armor, reduced aging, and general cunning, the same thing that would kill a human will kill him. 

Most recently, this was seen in the Timeless #1. Fighting Bedivere, Kang was mortally wounded. He’s since wound up on the Avengers doorstep, where he’s fighting for his life despite their medical care. 

Kang’s suffered numerous wounds that should have killed him for good, though. Ravonna stabbed him in the back once but revived him. He was also impaled from behind by a potential version of himself, Iron Lad, but seemingly was restored to life when Iron Lad returned to his timeline. 

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