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Who is GG Exotics? Supercar kid looking to dominate YouTube car scene

Published: 11/Sep/2020 15:35 Updated: 11/Sep/2020 15:38

by Kieran Bicknell


Despite the YouTube car scene being awash with creators, occasionally a rising star shines through. GG Exotics may well be one of those stars with access to multi-million-dollar hypercars, challenges, and entertaining videos.

The son of a Texas billionaire; GG Exotics – real name Gage – has risen to YouTube prominence thanks to his high-stakes challenge videos, automotive pranks, and access to his dad’s incredible collection of super- and hypercars.

Despite having only started posting on YouTube during July 2020, Gage has amassed himself over 57,000 subscribers and climbing thanks to his unique video style.

GG Exotics Car Collection
YouTube: GG Exotics
The hypercar collection seen on GG Exotics is undoubtedly the highlight of the channel.

With his first video on the channel being the arrival of his dad’s new 1-of-1 Pagani Huayra Roadster, it set the precedence for the kind of high-quality hypercar-based vlogs that form the backbone of the channel.


Alongside his hypercar vlogs, that range from simple driving videos to ‘speccing’ an incoming Koenigsegg Jesko, Gage also posts regular high-stakes ‘challenge’ videos and pranks.

Some of these videos see Gage betting thousands of dollars against his competitors. Regardless of whether this is a ‘flex’ thanks to his family wealth or simply a way to up the stakes, it results in a genuinely tense challenge atmosphere, as seen in his “Real life GTA mission” video.

The highlight of the GG Exotics channel is without a doubt the incredible hypercar collection which Gage is privileged enough to have seemingly unrestricted access to.


Not many young Americans have access to their dad’s sports cars, let alone a garage full of hypercars at their disposal.

Featuring a $4m Bugatti Chiron, 1-0f-1 Pagani Huayra Roadster, $1m+ Ferrari LaFerrari, and McLaren Senna among others; The Garage seen on Gage’s YouTube channel would make even the most hardened car collector green with envy.

It seems that Gage is happy to share these incredible cars for other YouTubers to experience, as seen in a series of collaboration videos with renowned YouTuber Tanner Fox.

Filmed as part of Tanner’s “Billionaire life swap” series, Gage let Tanner drive both the multi-million dollar Bugatti Chiron and Tanner’s “dream car” the Ferrari LaFerrari.


While the channel was growing well on its own, the collaboration with Tanner must’ve opened up some of Fox’s 10.3m subs to the GG Exotics channel.

Clearly not one to worry excessively about the incredible car collection that he has, Gage also uses the cars as the basis for several prank videos.

In one such video, he can be seen spray painting his dad’s Rolls Royce with brightly-colored paint. Thankfully the ‘graffiti’ is actually water-soluble chalk paint, but given the six-figure value of the Rolls Royce, that is still a very brave prank to be pulling.

Not only content with pranking his family, but he also pranks fellow hypercar vlogger Riley (Ridewithry) who stars in a number of videos with Gage.


In the prank video above, Gage says that it’s the start of “prank wars” between the two, so hopefully, there will be plenty of new videos from both channels as part of this ‘war’.

With his lavish lifestyle, incredible car collection, and skill for creating genuinely entertaining videos, it seems Gage is well on his way to breaking the 100k subscribers mark in no time.