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Whistlindiesel calls out TheStradman for his “bad taste” in cars

Published: 10/Aug/2020 16:44

by Kieran Bicknell


YouTubers are human just like the rest of us, so when Whistlindiesel called out TheStradman in a post about his wide-body Supra and “bad taste” in cars on Instagram, TheStradman hit back with comments of his own.

The seemingly unprovoked ‘shots’ came courtesy of an image of what appears to be similar to TheStradman’s wide-body Toyota A90 Supra that he built for SEMA last year. Whistlindiesel uses the image as a platform to moan about the “bad taste” of the car community, specifically those who own Supras.

While the initial cause of this ‘Insta-beef’ is unclear, it seems that Whistlindiesel has recently expanded into creating car content rather than his trademark heavy-duty truck and off-roading videos, which seems to have sparked a backlash from some of his viewers.


If the use of an image resembling one of TheStradman’s cars wasn’t bad enough, he also referenced the car being wrapped in “some sort of grape color,” which is a trademark of TheStradman’s videos — at one point in time, nearly his entire fleet was wrapped in a satin purple ‘grape’ color!

Response to Whistlindiesel’s comments

Whistlindiesel’s followers didn’t seem to appreciate this quibble with Stradman, though, with several top commenters telling him to “stay in his lane” and “stick to what you know.” This suggests that despite being WD’s supporters, even they didn’t see the need to take a shot at TheStradman.


Within 30 mins of the post going up, TheStradman responded, having assumed the post was directed at him and his SEMA build Supra.

stradman IG comment
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TheStradman hit back at Whistlindiesel with a comment of his own, which has since been deleted

Making reference to the fact that Whistlindiesel seems to enjoy destroying vehicles on his channel, Strad responded: “How about you buy one, wrap it purple and then destroy it for YouTube views, as such a valued member of the car community. Also, nice to talk to you for the first time.”

It seems that TheStradman has now deleted his comment from WD’s post, but has since put up his own post saying: “Ah, the sheep have come out to say hello” along with a shot of his three satin purple SEMA vehicles.  This may not be the last we hear from Whistlindiesel and TheStradman, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated should anything else surface between the pair.