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Twitch streamer blown away by convoy of insane cars in Tokyo

Published: 2/Feb/2020 15:39 Updated: 2/Feb/2020 18:20

by Calum Patterson


An IRL Twitch streamer, robcdee, got more than he bargained for during an out-and-about broadcast in Tokyo, as a convoy of incredible vehicles passed by him in the city center.

IRL (in-real-life) streaming brings both the very best and worst of random encounters and situations live to viewers, primarily on Amazon-owned Twitch.

Robcdee, an “English born, Australian raised” streamer living in Japan, can often be found broadcasting his activities walking through the country, primarily in Tokyo, the country’s densely populated capital city.

Yellow Chevrolet Impala in Tokyo street
Twitch: robcdee
There appears to be a growing low-rider trend in Tokyo.

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In such a populous city, there’s no end of weird and wonderful content to be broadcasted, with many of the people quite happy to be on camera and entertain viewers.


This is best exemplified when robcdee is meeting strangers. When simply standing on the sidewalk waiting to cross, a barrage of expensive and eccentric vehicles came past, all captured on camera.

First was a matted-out Lamborghini Aventador, but that was only the start, as it was followed by an old school Toyota with lots of aftermarket work. Then came a muscle car of some description flashing past, topped off by the most bizarre of them all – as the fourth car, fitted with hydraulic suspension, pulled a three-wheeler as it made the turn.

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This was followed by another, as both cars looked like they had been plucked straight from the Boyz in the Hood set.


Another few of these Chevrolet Impala type cars were also spotted, again fitted with hydraulics.

Like other major cities, Tokyo has more than its fair share of supercar enthusiasts, with Ferraris, McLarens and Lambos around every corner. But these muscle car types are another niche altogether, perhaps a growing trend in the city.

However, muscle cars and hydraulic suspension are not the only western import to have been embraced by the Japanese. In another clip, robcdee is greeted by a rather squeaky pick-up, which almost looks like a transformer as it lifts its trunk space up and down.

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This still might not be the most bizarre car of the stream though. At the same intersection, a car that initially sounded like the police turned out to be a classic 30’s style motor, with a meaty sounding exhaust.

“That’s not a cop car at all,” Rob exclaimed as it whizzed by.

The streamer certainly got more than he bargained for on this night trip around the city, and any car enthusiasts on Twitch may want to check out his channel if they’re into exotic car spotting.