Supercar Blondie stunned by “one of a kind” $10 million Ferrari MIG-U1

. 2 years ago
Instagram: @supercarblondie

YouTube car enthusiast Alex ‘Supercar Blondie’ Hirschi was left speechless when she got her hands on an extremely rare Ferrari MIG-U1 that is worth over $10 million dollars. The gorgeous automobile is truly one of a kind.

Supercar Blondie is a rising star in the car enthusiast community. She boasts millions of followers to her YouTube account, as she documents her experiences with the most expensive automobiles in existence.

During her February 27 upload, the Australian took a look at the Ferrari MIG-U1. The vehicle is so rare, that only one exists in the entire world, making it truly one of her rarest finds yet.

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Supercar Blondie shows off “one of a kind” Ferrari 

The popular YouTuber opened her latest video by revealing the potential eye-popping value of the rare Ferrari. “Rumor has it, that this owner rejected an offer of $10 million dollars for this car!”

According to the enthusiast, there is only one MIG-U1 in the entire world, because the car was initially a Ferrari Enzo, but was re-worked by iconic car tuning company Gemballa. “What you are looking at, guys, is the only tuned Ferrari Enzo by Gemballa in the world,” she said.

Alex showed off the car’s stunning design, and explained the entire body of the Enzo had been replaced. She also revealed that the vehicle has more horsepower than the original. “It’s got 50 horsepower more than a Ferrari Enzo,” she revealed.

YouTube: Supercar Blondie
The Australian car enthusiast got hands on with the rare custom Ferrari.

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Hirschi then gave viewers a peek into the interior of the supercar, and showed how every detail was custom made, from the touch screen in the dash to the red-stitched fabric on the seats.

Circling back to the price, the personality explained, “The standard Ferrari Enzo has an average value of over $3 million dollars. These cars are all about, what someone is willing to pay.”

The enthusiast also showed off a Gemballa tuned Porsche Carrera GT that had been changed to be apart of their ‘Mirage GT’ Line. “When this car came out on the market, at the time it was the most expensive Porsche ever. Around $450k. But if you wanted to get one from Gemballa, it would cost you a few $100 thousand more,” she said.

(Timestamp 02:13 for mobile users.)

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While the vehicle’s base is a Ferrari Enzo, Supercar Blondie gave viewers a glimpse into how luxury cars being taken to the next level with customizations that make their insane prices even higher.

The Australian personality continues to draw in viewers from around the world, amassing over 3.1 million subscribers to her channel.

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