Syndicate reveals his new “handcrafted” Mercedes AMG GTR

Daniel Cleary
Life of Tom, YouTube

YouTube star Tom ‘Syndicate’ Cassell finally picked up his new “handcrafted” Mercedes AMG GTR, after an eventful test-drive back in January.

Syndicate has amassed an incredible following of over 10 million subscribers across his YouTube channels and is best known for his popular Minecraft and Call of Duty Zombies series.

After revealing in his vlog series that he was interested in purchasing a new car, Syndicate had his eyes set on a Mercedes AMG GTR.

LifeofTom, YouTube
Syndicate showed off his new AMG GTR during his February 28 upload.

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Unfortunately for the YouTuber, his first test drive of the GTR did not go as smoothly as he hoped, and was even stopped by the police during the process.

During his initial test drive with the GTR, he said that he was unsure if he would be able to get his hands on the car due to how long the typical waiting list is.

However, despite having some troubles and concerns at the start, Syndicate still felt it was the car for him, and picked it up in his February 28 upload.

Topic starts at 15:21 for mobile users.

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“This is my car now yes! From McDonald’s to Mercedes, let’s go!” he expressed before hopping into his new Merc.

After going over all of the details again, the Mercedes dealer explained that the car’s engine was all handcrafted by one person, to Syndicate’s surprise.

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“The car is manufactured but the engine is built by one person, his last job is to sign that plate and put that plate on,” he revealed, highlighting the small signature.

Shortly after pulling out of the dealership, Syndicate revealed that one feature he was quite happy with was that his new car was an automatic compared to some of his previous vehicles such as Audi TT or his Land Rover.

The YouTuber spent the rest of his vlog taking in the AMG GTR experience before later showing off his new purchase to his friends and family.