Supercar Blondie celebrates after reaching “insane” Facebook milestone

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Instagram: @Supercarblondie

Having been crowned top of the automotive YouTuber rich list a few months back, online personality ‘Supercar Blondie’ has now smashed her own all-time Facebook channel viewing records, reaching an insane number of views. 

Perhaps best known for her automotive reviews and ‘first looks,’ Supercar Blondie (real name Alex) shares her videos with an extraordinary amount of viewers around the world via social media channels, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Despite her presence on YouTube, Blondie actually has a much larger presence on Facebook — which reaches an incredible number of viewers by its own accord.

Supercar Blondie views summary
Instagram: @Supercarblondie
The viewing figures for her Facebook channel are mind-boggling.

Supercar Blondie smashes record

Following her success on the automotive ‘YouTuber rich list’ during the first half of 2020, Supercar Blondie doesn’t appear to be resting on her laurels, having now revealed that she’s smashed her own all-time Facebook channel views record.

Announcing the news via her Instagram account, Alex revealed the incredible figures that she regularly achieves on her social channels, as well as releasing the exact figure hit in August that smashed all her previous records.

Showing the figures on the screen of her smartphone, viewers can see that her Facebook channel gets over one billion views per month on average. Given that the entire ‘Supercar Blondie’ production team is made up of just three people, that’s an incredible accomplishment with Alex herself calling it “insane.”

Not content with simply averaging over one billion views per month, Alex reveals that for the month of August alone her Facebook channel had 1.4 billion minutes watched. That’s in addition to her 23 million Facebook followers — helping her rise to be in the top 11 most-viewed pages globally.

Determined to rightfully share the spotlight with her team, she wrote: “Wow guys, I’m speechless — my [Facebook] family also grew to over 23 million people! And we are now one of the top 11 most viewed pages globally — absolutely insane!”

“I’m only a team of three people — so a massive thank you to nikcarssergi.galiano and of course my supercarblondie fam. You guys rock! Love you to the moon and back.”

Whether the channel will peak there or continue to smash the record is uncertain, but either way, those are some insane numbers. It’s safe to say the entire Supercar Blondie team has reason to celebrate.

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