Shmee150 smashes 200mph on the Autobahn in $1m McLaren Senna

. 2 years ago
Shmee150 Senna Autobahn
YouTube: Shmee150

The legendary German Autobahn: Home to supercar thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies, its de-restricted sections are a petrolhead’s dream. Taking any car to the limit on public roads is a thrill, but Shmee took it one step further with his McLaren Senna.

Doing what Shmee does best, the YouTuber elected to take his million-dollar McLaren Senna hypercar to dinner with his friends, via the legendary German Autobahn.

Many automotive vloggers and content creators love the Autobahn for one simple reason – the de-restricted sections. Certain areas are completely devoid of speed limits, letting drivers ‘stretch the legs’ of their cars and push their performance to the limit.

Shmee150 Pizza on Senna Wing
YouTube: Shmee150
It turns out the $1m McLaren Senna’s wing also doubles-up as a Pizza table…

The Senna is “Mental quick”

Seeing one Senna on the road is a sight to behold, but seeing two of them running at nearly top-speed is almost unheard of on public roads. Thankfully, the lane discipline in Germany is impeccable, meaning that Shmee and his friend could safely explore the upper performance of their Sennas on the highway.

Given that Shmee’s Senna suffered an incident while on a motorway (highway) in England, he seemed relaxed despite doing well in excess of 100mph for the majority of his journey.

Calling the performance of the Senna “mental quick” and “mind-boggling” it is incredible to see just how quickly the number on the speedo rose under heavy acceleration.

Breaking the 200mph barrier

Eventually, despite a ‘low fuel’ warning from the car, Shmee puts his foot down completely and breaks the 200mph barrier with surprising ease, topping out at 205mph. While that is a feat that will always be impressive, doing so on public roads with traffic around must’ve been an incredible, yet terrifying experience.

With the Senna being such a ‘hardcore’ hypercar, Shmee explains that driving it “takes a lot of concentration” as it is “essentially a race car” that’s street-legal. You can hear all the stones flying up as the car accelerates, not to mention the roar of the mid-mounted engine through the exhaust.

Having reached the dinner destination safely and without running out of fuel, Shmee and his companion use the Senna’s wing for an alternative means – as a tray table to hold their pizza!

Despite holding the McLaren to the ground at high speed, the high-tech, carbon-fiber spoiler was reduced to a piece of dining furniture. McLaren would likely have a few strong words about that ‘alternative’ use of the wing.

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