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Savage Garage’s Randy reveals private off-road car collection

Published: 28/Sep/2020 16:04

by Kieran Bicknell


Supercar owner, entrepreneur, and YouTuber Randy of Savage Garage is well-known for his exotic car collection. In their September 27 video, however, the SG team showcase some of his secret off-road car collection for the first time.

With Randy owning so many different businesses, he is able to have a variety of vehicles stored across the country. One of his businesses is SVC, which specializes in custom-built off-road racing trucks and customization parts.

Posted to the Savage Garage Clips secondary channel, the video sees the team in a much more relaxed, less-professional manner than usual.

Since having their secondary channel, the SG fanbase has had access to previously-unseen footage, along with small clips such as this that didn’t make it to the main channel.


Savage Garage Off Roading Toys
YouTube: Savage Garage Clips
The tiny Polaris was dubbed “the clown car” since it was so tiny.

Bring out the big guns

More accustomed to being seen in multi-million dollar hypercars, Randy is also clearly a big fan of off-roading. Never one to keep all the fun to himself, he lets the team try out one of the Polaris buggies for size.

Whether this buggy is genuinely a kids’ toy or just very small is unclear, but Jimbo immediately struggles to fit. With no doors on the car, access is achieved via an awkward gymnastics maneuver. Randy even goes as far as nicknaming it “the clown car” due to the diminutive size.

While Jimbo tries out the Polaris by ripping it up and down the street, Randy disappears to bring out the big guns. Putting the buggy to shame, he re-appears in a custom-built off-road racer.


Is a SG garage update video due soon?

Jimbo tried his best, but was unable to get the Polaris to do any real burnouts or donuts. By contrast, the buggy that Randy was driving would try and pull a wheelie every time he floored the accelerator.

With these buggies having such soft suspension and incredible travel, on a tarmac road such as the one seen in the video they behave ridiculously. Corners result in a hilarious amount of body roll, while ripping around the block causes an incredible amount of noise and havoc.

Given that he owns SVC, it is unlikely that we’ve seen the full extent of Randy’s off-road collection. With many fans in the comments calling for a new ‘garage update’ video before the end of the year, we may get a full reveal of Randy’s entire collection before the year is out.