James May explains why he’s sold his gorgeous Ferrari 308

Kieran Bicknell. Last updated: Sep 28, 2020

The Grand Tour host and television icon James May is well-known for his diverse car collection. It seems that May is moving with the times though, as he has put his gorgeous Ferrari 308 GTB up for sale. 

May is not one to shy away from new technology, in fact, he embraces it with open arms. He has previously been vocal about his love for the quirky BMW I3, and also owns a Tesla Model S as a daily driver.

He has always been one for the classics too, but he is now downsizing his collection, having put his Ferrari 308 up for sale. Saying that it is “gone for good,” James reveals his reasons for selling in DRIVETRIBE’s September 27 video.

James May sells Ferrari 308
May says that his 308 was “old tech” and “out of step” so chose to sell it.

“I liked looking at it… I just didn’t drive it!”

In typical James style, he said the Ferrari has “fallen out of step with the spirit of the age” and felt it was time to replace it. Not only is it “old tech,” but there was also the small matter that he didn’t drive it – which is quite an issue for an old car such as the 308 GTB.

That’s not to say all love was gone, however. May described the 308 as “one of the prettiest Ferraris ever made… I liked looking at it, I just didn’t drive it!”

Confirming he still has a love for the Italian Ferrari brand, he clarifies that “of course I’m talking about the 308, I haven’t sold the (458) Speciale… that would be an absurd thing to do!” Despite selling off one Ferrari, it seems that there will be a Ferrari in May’s garage for the time being.

Taking a loss

He also reveals that he will be selling the Ferrari at a considerable loss. May explains that classic car prices have dropped a lot in the last year, meaning even a car with celebrity connections such as his hasn’t escaped depreciation.

May also admits that buying the Ferrari was somewhat of a ‘bucket list’ experience for him: “Buying the 308 was like exorcising a demon from my youth… but I’ve done it now, the ghost is gone.”

He added: “It’s an old car… and I don’t really like old cars, though everyone thinks I must,” as he also reveals that with the 308 gone, there are no classic cars left in his fleet.

It remains to be seen if the 308 GTB will be replaced. Judging by the way May speaks of old cars, it is likely to be replaced by an EV of some sort – such is progress, after all.