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Savage Garage’s Randy inexplicably pulled over by cops in $2.6m Pagani

Published: 21/Sep/2020 14:49 Updated: 28/Sep/2020 12:01

by Kieran Bicknell


During his time on the incredible Gold Rush rally in North America, YouTuber Randy from Savage Garage appears to have got himself into trouble with the cops while in his Pagani Huayra.

Supercar rallies bring together incredible cars, fantastic scenery, and adventurous spirit all in one crazy event. Unfortunately for the drivers, they often make great targets for supercar-hating cops.

Unfortunately, it seems that Randy from YouTube channel Savage Garage found himself in front of the police while behind the wheel of his $2.6m Pagani Huayra.

Teaming up with Randy for the tour, fellow automotive YouTuber Alex Choi has been providing regular updates via his social media channels. Posting to his Instagram story, Alex shows a series of supercars pulled over at the side of the road by the police, including Randy’s Pagani.


Alex Choi Savage Garage screenshots
Instagram: @alex.choi
Alex has posted several videos to his Instagram stories showing the Pagani traveling at excessive speeds.

While the actual cause of the traffic stop is unclear, Randy was photographed flashing the camera a sarcastic thumbs up pose, complete with a silly face.

Whether this was Randy admitting defeat or perhaps just making light of the situation is uncertain, but it definitely got people talking. The clip even featured in a Life of Palos video.

Following the photo of Randy at the side of the road, Alex posted a video from the same traffic stop showing the cops taking great interest in the Lamborghini Aventador that they were with.

While many other channels such as DailyDrivenExtoics have highlighted police treating supercar owners badly, it seems that Randy and Alex were fortunate enough to be pulled over by a far friendlier team.


Alex’s IG Stories can be seen in this Life of Palos video. Clip starts at 2:11.

Instead of giving the driver grief for how loud the car was, the police appeared to be genuinely interested. They even went as far as filming it on their own mobile phones.

Alex then went on to post a series of videos from within the Pagani to his Instagram story while on the road. Showing that the “cruising speed” of the car was around 165mph, which is obviously well over the posted speed limit.

Whether this was the initial cause of the traffic stop is unclear. Either way, it certainly doesn’t help with the negative press that surrounds supercar owners and rallies.


With so many incredible cars and YouTube personalities in one place, there will likely be more drama to come from this year’s Gold Rush Rally.