Insane 3000hp truck literally explodes in front of crowd

. 2 years ago
Exploding Master Shredder Truck
YouTube: Toxic Diesel Performance

Running highly-tuned vehicles on a dynamometer to assess the power they make is nothing new, but it seems that this Cummins diesel-engined monster truck was pushed beyond its limits, ending in spectacular fashion.

For someone who has put thousands of hours worth of blood, sweat, tears, and money into a build to see it blow up in front of them is heartbreaking. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to the owners of this “Master Shredder” truck.

Unlike most vehicle explosions, it does not seem that this build was done with a budget in mind. In this instance, the truck appeared to be well-built and executed, but was simply pushed beyond the limits of its endurance. 

Having previously registered an insane figure of 2,290hp on a run before the video starts, the owner, Shawn Baca, was determined to hit the coveted 3000hp mark.

Master Shredder truck on dyno
YouTube: Toxic Diesel Performance
The raised position of the dyno likely saved any further injuries from occurring.

Aiming for 3000hp

Despite the insane build work and tuning that has taken place on the ‘Master Shredder’, the engine still needed a little help to push it over the 3000hp mark. This is where Nitrous is used, made famous by the cult Fast & Furious movies. 

But, using Nitrous to boost power puts a huge strain on the engine and its internals, and it proved too much for the ‘Master Shredder’ in this instance.

While on the dyno for its 3000hp run, the engine whistles its way up to peak power, before there is suddenly a massive fireball. 

A lucky escape

Thankfully the dyno was up on a raised platform to provide a better viewing experience, though this also likely saved a number of people from injury.

Shockingly, the driver managed to bail out of the truck and away from the dramatic explosion in time to only receive a burnt arm. The dyno operator also made a lucky escape, and was likely also saved by the elevated dyno as he was sat underneath the explosion.

With everyone being safe and accounted for, now attention turns to either trying to rebuild the truck or building up its successor. While not turning out the way Shawn intended, a truck can be replaced, and he should be glad that nobody was seriously hurt. 

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