GTA V’s crazy ‘Donk’ cars are actually a real thing

Kieran Bicknell
Hirider with GTA logo

GTA V is full of insane cars, with a plethora of customization options available from changing wheels to lifting and lowering cars. Whilst some cars are just too wild to be real, the insane ‘donk’ cars are actually a real thing.

As part of the GTA V Online ‘Lowriders: Custom Classics’ update, you can purchase the frankly ridiculous-looking Faction Custom donk. You may think that something as weird as this could only exist in the sphere of video games, but they are in fact a very real part of US car culture.

Donk cars in GTA V Online

The Willard Faction Custom donk in GTA is available from Benny’s Custom Motor Works and is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. With jacked-up suspension, oversized wheels, and plenty of insane wraps to choose from, each donk is as unique as the next one.

Here’s the crazy thing though: Real-world donks are just as insane as the ones seen in GTA, if not even more so. SUVs, lowriders, and even Corvettes have all been subjected to the donk treatment.

History of the donk

Growing out of the hip-hop scene, donks are also known as Hi-risers, on account of their exaggerated lift kits and raised suspension. This crazy modification is necessary in order to accommodate the insanely large wheels with skinny tires that are the trademark of the donk scene.

The most common and well-known choice of car for the donk treatment is the 1971-76 Chevrolet Impala, which actually spawned the ‘donk’ moniker due to the Impala emblem being referred to as the ‘donkey’ by owners.

The performance of real-world donks is also similar to those in GTA V. Many owners sacrifice speed and handling prowess for sheer style and outlandishness, over-taxing the engine in order to turn the massive (sometimes up to 30″) wheels.

Why such big wheels?

Massive, over-sized wheels were once seen as a status symbol of wealth. Since the rims were so expensive, the bigger the rims you had, the richer you were. Nowadays it’s all about the style, and who can fit the biggest wheels under their arches.

Donk SUV
A modern take on the donk style, using a Cadillac SUV as the base vehicle

It is also common to see donk drivers go all-out on their paintwork, with many spending far more than the value of the car itself on complex candy and pearlescent paint alone. Massive subwoofers, numerous speakers, and upgraded head units are also part of the donk lifestyle, with drivers battling it out to see who’s car is the loudest.

Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no doubt that donks certainly make an impression in the real world and online.