DDE & Stradman unveil their $1m+ McLaren and Bugatti hypercars

TheStradman and DDE reveal new hypercarsYouTube: DailyDrivenExotics / TheStradman

In a hypercar double-bill on YouTube, automotive vloggers DailyDrivenExotics and TheStradman have revealed their latest garage additions. For TheStradman, this has been months in the making, for DDE, it comes as a surprise to nearly everyone.

Buying an ultra-rare, ultra-exclusive hypercar is a big milestone in life; For some, it takes months of planning, preparation, and searching, for others, it seems almost spontaneous.

Showcasing both types of approach on their respective YouTube channels, both DailyDrivenExotics and TheStradman have revealed their new hypercars – a McLaren P1 for DDE, and a Bugatti Veyron for TheStradman.

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DailyDrivenExotics’ “Surreal” new McLaren P1

In a video that has taken their viewers by surprise; Dave and Damon from DailyDrivenExotics have revealed their first-ever hypercar; The McLaren P1.

Having had a joint test-drive with this exact P1 and a McLaren Senna a while back, it seemed that nothing had come of their hypercar search. Well, it turns out that the DDE crew had in fact bought the exact McLaren P1 that featured in the video.

Discussing their choice to buy the $1.7m USD hypercar; Damon called the moment “so surreal” while adding that it is indeed a big financial risk for the channel. Dave does explain that they chose the P1 as an “investment” with the hope the value will go up over time.

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It seems that the boys are still pressing forward with their plans to build a road-going Lamborghini Super Trofeo car, though it won’t be with the current “tire slayer” Huracan.

Instead, they have listed the “tire slayer” for sale at $199,000 and are looking to base their next build on a Huracan Evo. The 720s is also apparently sticking around, so we can expect a double-feature video with that and the new P1 in the near future.

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TheStradman’s “dream” Bugatti Veyron

Having teased viewers for months on end, the day has finally come for TheStradman as he unveils his first hypercar: The 2008 Bugatti Veyron.

Many subscribers suspected that TheStradman would buy a Bugatti; With the opinion split between whether he would buy a P1 or a Veyron as his first hypercar.

The story of his YouTube channel is one of rags-to-riches; From filming Veyrons while living in his Audi TT, to being behind the wheel of his own Bugatti Veyron a number of years later; It’s an automotive fairytale come to life.

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His excitement is clear to see throughout the reveal video, with Stradman saying it is a “childhood dream come true” to be unveiling his own hypercar. Unusually, the car was delivered in a crate, so he was able to do a literal ‘unboxing’ of his new Veyron, much to the amusement of his fans.

The car in question is a 2008 Bugatti Veyron, complete with the quad-turbocharged, 8l W16 engine putting out over 1000hp from factory.

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In typical Stradman style, it seems even the Veyron won’t escape modification, dropping a not-so-subtle hint about having to replace the “lousy” exhaust during the first ‘drive’.

Given that the Veyron is a “dream car” and worth a considerable amount, it is unlikely we’ll see any crazy modifications; Though a new exhaust and perhaps even the trademark ‘grape’ wrap may well make an appearance.