Manny Khoshbin reveals crazy cost to service one of a kind Pagani Huayra

YouTube: Manny Khoshbin

Popular YouTuber Manny Khoshbin has revealed the crazy cost of having his Pagani Huayra taken for its annual service even though he’s got less than 200 miles on the clock. 

Khoshbin, a real estate investor by-day, has managed to take his success in his day job and used it to splash out on some pretty incredible cars that he displays on his YouTube channel.

He recently revealed the cost behind owning his fleet of super and hypercars that includes five different Mercedes SLR’, three unique Bugatti’s, a Porsche 935, a Mclaren 650s, Ferrari GT, Mclaren Senna, Mclaren P1, Pagani Huayra, and even a Tesla Model X. A few of these, including the Pagani, are a one of a kind thanks to his customizations, but they do come at an insane cost to own.

YouTube: Manny Khoshbin
Manny keeps all of his cars stored in a one of a kind garage that is purpose-built for them.

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The YouTuber recently revealed that getting them all serviced costs around $115,000 per year – and that is without taking into account that he might need new parts or even tires. 

Out of that total, Manny’s one of a kind Pagani, which he doesn’t drive all that much, requires an annual servicing that costs around $8,000. That’s not just a cool eight grand for an oil change though, as the servicer noted that are a few different little things in there too. 

While that might be the standard rate, the YouTuber pointed out that he also has issues with the on-board screen that required fixing too – so that could very well run up his total cost. Though, he didn’t reveal if it did in the end. 

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Servicing costs, of course, vary dependant on the car and for someone with a collection like Manny, $8,000 is right in the middle of the pack. 

During his recent cost breakdown, he explained that one of his biggest costs came in the form of his Buggati’s – which can cost upwards of $20,000 – but his Ferrari GT isn’t all too bad at around $1,500.