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YouTuber teaches dog to ‘play’ Warzone and even gets kills (sort of)

Published: 18/Sep/2020 12:42

by Jacob Hale


A British YouTuber set himself the challenge of teaching his dog to play Call of Duty battle royale title Warzone, and it worked… kind of.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that just about every gamer out there has at least given Warzone a go, giving the battle royale genre its own Call of Duty spin.

But, how many dogs have you seen playing Warzone? We’d wager it’s none — until now, when this wonderful dog, Rosie, took to Verdansk to give it a go.


YouTuber Will Archer with dog Rosie
Instagram: willarcherr
Will Archer took it upon himself to teach Rosie how to play Warzone with varying results.

UK YouTuber Will Archer has obviously been a big fan of Warzone since it was released in March, and decided to spice up his games a bit by teaching Rosie how to play the game, even building a dog-friendly keyboard for her to use.

Obviously a dog wouldn’t be able to use a controller, as that would be absurd, so his homemade keyboard featured just two buttons: walk and shoot.

There seemed to be a lot of time (and a lot of treats) gone into teaching Rosie to use each button on command, and there were a couple of slip-ups where she would let her paw rest on the shoot button and deplete their ammo reserves, but it wasn’t all bad.


Archer adopted the strategy of letting the plane fly its course before dropping in and landing with the AFK players, when her shooting skills came into effect and, upon his command, would blast their opponents in the head, earning herself three kills in two games.

We’re not going to pretend it’s the best gameplay in the world, there’s definitely room for improvement. But that said, Rosie might also be the first dog to ever get a kill in Warzone, firmly placing her in the gaming history books for good.

Having seen players get wins with just their mouths, or kills using a drum kit, we’re struggling to see what the limit is for people doing something new in Warzone, but we’d love to see Rosie get a victory next time out.