Warzone fans demand overhaul for report system as cheaters run wild

Warzone fans demand overhaul for report system as cheaters run wildActivision

The Warzone community continues to be filled with hackers that are ruining the gaming experience for everyone else. According to players, reporting these hackers is seemingly useless as nothing ever happens, so they want change.

Call of Duty Warzone has seen massive success given that it is free-to-play for all people, but that also means that cheaters can easily influence the game.

Raven Software are claiming they ban accounts and in their latest sweep they claimed to have banned another 50,000+ accounts, but the community doesn’t feel like that did anything to benefit the game.

Players have the option to report a player in-game that they are spectating if they think that person is hacking. However, the community demands that there is some change to the way in-game reporting works as the current system is seemingly broken.

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Warzone train lineActivision
Despite Warzone’s popularity, hackers and cheats still run riot in Verdansk.

In-game report system needs overhaul

Warzone players have continued to voice their concerns about the scale of hacking in-game and want to be able to influence it themselves.

‘WavingBuddy’ on Reddit started a community-wide discussion about the report system and how to improve it.

Players were comparing Warzone to other games where you’ll receive a message that tells you something similar to“Your report has resulted in a ban, thank you.” The community wants a similar kind of feature so that you get instant feedback on whether your report was successful or not. Some fans believe this would entice players to report alleged cheaters more often rather than being downbeat about them.

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One Redditor brought up the shadow-ban system and questioned why Warzone doesn’t use it more effectively. “You can’t even get cheaters shadow banned from pure reports anymore though that used to work when 10+ people reported them in ‘x’ minutes,” they said.

Another player says the system is working as intended and mocks Raven Software saying that no one got banned so you wouldn’t receive a message thanking you for your report.

It is unknown how exactly in-game reports are relayed to the dev team and what actually is done about them.

Overall Warzone players are concerned that if there isn’t a better way to get cheaters out of the game then there could be a decrease in the player base.

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