[Team] win CWL Fort Worth Open tournament – Final Placements

Calum Patterson

have won the amateur portion of CWL Fort Worth, after an impressive performance throughtout was capped off with a victory over [—–] in the Grand Final.

CWL Fort Worth was the first time we have seen the new format of splitting Pro League teams from the ‘amateur’ teams, but the caliber of some teams in open tournament could have given pro teams a run for their money.

FaZe Clan Black and Mindfreak were two such teams, who both missed out on the Pro League narrowly, and have made roster changes since the qualifier, which helped them reach the final of the open tournament.

CWL Fort Worth Open tournament – Final Placements

3 Cyclone GloFrosty, Pandur, Spoof, Super, Zaptius
4 Nation of Power Archivs, Infamous Slaya, Pawns, Jimbolah, Zyyral
5-6 Aspire Happy, RobbieB3319, FA5TBALLA, Johnny, TurnUp2eZ
5-6 InControl Cells, Hollow, Vivid, Stamino, Apox
7-8 Team Sween QwiKeR, Weeman, Nolson, Alexx, Cammy
7-8 Team Requiem mAxxie, Cobra, YuuzL, Abuzah, ZaaQ
9-12 Team Singularity Detain, Insight, Bidz, Keza, Genesis
9-12 Nemesis Esports Conbix, Hitmxn, Mujaydin, Jintroid, Return
9-12 Vertex Black Cruze, Beastn, Fati, Restalling, Tyson
9-12 Gorilla x Forfeit Onyx, Hazykun, Demise, Skilliosis, Zackgasm
13-16 Vodafone Giants TojoR, YaKo, Braaain, Niall, SupeR 
13-16 Final Feature JTimp • Neonn • Reign6 • Holler • kLoH
13-16 J4L Org
13-16 LanZz Gaming
17-24 TaL eSports
17-24 a1m Gaming
17-24 Mazer Gaming
17-24 GrindTime
17-24 eWorld in Progress
17-24 Mazer White
17-24 Decimate Gaming
17-24 Free Lancer Gaming
25-32 Midnight Academy
25-32 Power Gaming
25-32 The Flock
25-32 SGN Superior
25-32 Team Vanity
25-32 Vertex Gaming
25-32 Static Vision
25-32 Lethal Divis