Weird Warzone bug gives player unlimited Trophy Systems

Weird Warzone bug gives player unlimited Trophy SystemsActivision

Warzone has many features that make the game more enjoyable for players such as customizing loadouts to use while roaming Verdansk. But the latest bug in the battle royale could have people wanting to use the Restock perk more often.

Perks are a huge part of Warzone’s gameplay. They allow players to give themselves an advantage whether its taking less damage from explosives, having two primary weapons, or even just being able to stay off the radar from UAVs.

There are three different perk categories that players must pick for their loadout. One perk that does not see too much love is Restock as there are other popular perks that are more ideal and better to use such as Ghost or High Alert.

This latest glitch with the Restock perk has players mindblown and wondering if this is beneficial or not.

Restock perk in Warzone.Activision
The restock perk gives players new equipment every 50 seconds.

Restock perk bug in Warzone

Twitch streamer ‘its_iron’ was playing a game of Warzone when he suddenly realized the game didn’t give him what he preselected in his loadout.

He was using the Restock perk with Claymores as his lethal. However, when he went to place a Claymore, the game decided to throw down a Trophy System instead.

The clip shows the streamer extremely confused as he wanted to put down the claymore to guard the zipline leading up to the building his squad was currently on.

Making sure he wasn’t going crazy, after 50 seconds passed and his lethal was recharged with the Restock perk, he clicks the button to deploy it which again throws down another Trophy System.

What makes this really interesting is that the Trophy System is not part of the “Lethal” class in Warzone. Trophies are field upgrades that can be found through ground loot or crates in Verdansk.

At the time, it’s still unknown what caused the glitch to produce the wrong equipment. For now, if you are trying to avoid this from happening, you might want to stay away from the Restock perk.