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Warzone’s Train Station wall glitch is back in a new spot & is ruining people’s games

Published: 24/Jul/2021 19:21

by Jaret Kappelman


An infamous Warzone bug is back in Verdansk with players finding a way to glitch into the wall at Train Station, and its starting to ruin games.

Warzone has many spots you can drop into when playing a game each of them with its unique structures. The bigger the area usually means the more players that will drop in at that specific place.

The Train Station is one of Warzone’s most popular landing spots when dropping into Verdansk. With different floors and tons of ground loot you are certain to be set up for a good game if you make it out alive.


Unfortunately, with Train Station it has seen many glitches and exploits throughout its time in the game and this new is here to ruin your games.

Warzone train station roof
The Train Station has seen quite a few of wall glitches during its time in the game.

Train Station wall glitch is back

When you’re on a roll and taking down everyone in sight dying to something can be extremely frustrating in Warzone. This clip shows the wall glitch strike again at Train Station, that will surely frustrate players who run into it.

Why is Train Station (my favorite spot) the most broken spot in this game?! from CODWarzone

Reddit user ‘El_Nieto_PR’ posted the clip, mentioning that Train Station was their favorite spot to go but is now the most “broken” spot in the game.

Other people on Reddit were commenting on this new wall glitch saying that they are not surprised and that this glitch happens in multiple spots at Train Station.


As of now, it is unsure if the dev team is aware that this is back in the game, but clips of people dying to this have been floating around and the community hopes it will be resolved soon.