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Warzone players suggest some changes new Payload mode desperately needs

Published: 24/Jul/2021 17:12

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone players have been getting their teeth into the new Payload mode. However, some of them are getting a little lonely while playing through a complete game and want to see a couple of changes.

Payload is the first objective-based game mode that Warzone has integrated into the game where teams of 20 fight to escort or defend payloads from reaching the end of the route.

The modes mixes in elements of Warzone with old-school Call of Duty Multiplayer mechanics and was promoted as a great to level up weapons with high-octane action, but there have been mixed reviews so far.


Yet, some players are noticing that as the game progresses the lobby seems to turn into a ghost town or feel there should be more and these people want a change made.

Players want to see some new features added to the Payload game mode.

Players suggest adding fill feature to Payload

One player took their frustration to social media, where they talked about Payload games resulting in a lot less than the 40 players the game started with.

This player wants to see a feature added that is similar to what CoD multiplayer uses, a fill system. This would allow new players to join the lobby to help balance out the teams and seemingly make the game more enjoyable for everyone.


It also solves the issue of players leaving the game early. Players would not be putting their teammates at a disadvantage for the remainder of the game if they do decide to dip out of the lobby early. However, this isn’t the only concern people have regarding this mode.

A lot of commitment for a small reward

Players have also been upset with how long the game feels and that it doesn’t reward you enough. One person said the mode is fun but they feel cheated, “Not to mention the small amount of XP you get at the end.”

There have been reports from the community of players not receiving the amount of XP they earned so this could be a glitch. There has been no comment from the dev team on this.


One Redditor said they don’t play the game mode because it consumes too much time and said Rebirth Resurgence is still their go-to mode.

“I’d much rather play 2 rebirth games dropping 13-17 kills a game than play one game of payload.” They also added that Payload has too many people sitting in a dark corner waiting for one kill.