Warzone world record holders reveal top tips to get more wins

Brad Norton

Three of the best Call of Duty: Warzone players in the world, with multiple records to their name already, have outlined exactly what you need to do in order to up your game. 

While the latest hit battle royale has barely been out for a few weeks, a few key players are standing out from the pack and making a name for themselves in Warzone with crazy world record runs

From topping their own trios world record multiple times with 78 kill games, to stand out individual showings with 40+ kills a piece, we sat down with one of the most talented Australian squads to find out the keys behind their success. 

Here’s everything you need to know to drastically improve in Warzone.

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Introducing the squad

Having played numerous battle royale titles at a high level before the release of Warzone, both Lymax and Micka cut their teeth on the likes of H1Z1, Fortnite, and even Blackout to an extent. Zepa fills out the trio as one of the most experienced Australian Call of Duty players, repping the Mindfreak banners in both local tournaments and international Challengers events.

All three have a lengthy history with the CoD franchise and find their thousands of hours dedicated to the series is paying dividends in a big way in Warzone.

From niche movement tricks, to overall accuracy, these players are leading the world record charge on the back of their dedication over the past few years. Here’s a rundown on how they approach the game and how everyone can improve too.

“We don’t really care about wins or our stats. We just want to set records,” Lymax told Dexerto when asked about what drives them to the top.

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A different approach to dropping in

Where you land in Warzone can make or break a potential run. From crowded hotspots with dozens of players to more isolated areas where you can take your time looting, strategies vary from squad to squad.

For the world record trio, however, their unique approach has them splitting up from the get-go and dropping into three separate locations – something more players might want to try.

“In an ideal scenario, where the plane is heading directly across the center of the map and the zone isn’t an issue, the first spots you want to attack are Zhokov Boneyard, Atlas Superstore, and either TV Station or Storage Town,” Lymax said.

“Regardless of the zone or the plane, these are the top three spots we’re always looking to drop,” Zepa added. “You’re splitting the map this way. A lot of the time you may never even see your teammate until the end of the game.”

Here are the most effective Warzone drops for high-kill games.

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Set a target when you land, grab a loadout

“As soon as I land, I’m going for early game kills,” Micka explained. “I think I speak for all of us here, we try to get guns straight off the rip. Try to get as many kills without going to the Gulag and just snowball the game from there.”

While that strategy may seem obvious, it’s bar none the most efficient tactic when aiming for high kill games. If your first few gunfights in Verdansk don’t quite go your way, you can quickly back out of the lobby and try again straight away.

Once each player has cleared out their first area, there’s a good chance that they have a heap of money already. But what exactly should a squad be looking to purchase before anything else?

“Depending on the money I have, I’m realistically trying to buy a loadout,” Zepa said. “I’m trying to get the guns I like. If I still have more money, I’m trying to get a UAV to spot more enemies on the map. With anything leftover, self-res is the next thing I’ll buy so that I can play split from my team with a little less risk.”

Securing early-game kills is absolutely vital in Warzone.

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Best Call of Duty: Warzone loadouts

From snipers to shotguns, Modern Warfare’s battle royale provides a great deal of diversity when it comes to loadouts. While teams may have their own unique setups to complement their play style, the record holders are always pushing aggression. Here are the tools they use to rack up the most eliminations.

“We’re all the same,” Micka joked. “M4A1 Assault Rifle and MP5 SMG across the board. We’re very aggressive but you can still take a long-range gunfight with these weapons.”

“We all run Double Time and Overkill. A few of us run Amped, but I run Battle Hardened so that I don’t get stunned as much,” Lymax explained.

The entire squad runs Double Time as it is one of the most crucial perks for high-kill wins in Warzone. In its current form, the perk allows you to close the distance on enemy teams much faster than usual.

High risk, high reward

The most significant advice the world record holders shared is for teams to “always” be getting into gunfights. Playing safe and playing slow will only get you so far, but if you want to smash world records just like them, “you always have to be farming enemies,” Zepa explained.

“You’ve just always got to take the risk. If you die, you die. You have to take the risk. If you kill them, it pays off. If you die, you get bought back in or just start a new game. High risk, high reward.”

While bounties can be a decent means of piling up cash in Warzone, they can also “be distracting” according to Micka. “Your money should almost entirely be coming from kills. Bounties just take time away from getting even more kills.”

Infinity Ward
The world record holders constantly use vehicles to rush towards the next team.

The best ways to clinch outplays

When your team closes in on the end-game in Warzone, strategies can change somewhat. Rather than playing split from one another, “you want to be pushing with teammates more than you would in the early-game,” Zepa outlined.

“In the end-game specifically, a lot of people are just camping. So you want to clear buildings with your team, not alone.

Additionally, Micka highlighted CoD’s unique movement as a factor that players need to master in order to set world records of their own.“Learning the Call of Duty movement would help a lot,” he expressed.

Micka added: “There are certain ways to outplay people. You can bunny hop, you can slide cancel around corners. Learning those tricks are essential. You can get the first shots on enemies with those. If you want high kills, you’ve just always got to be moving and abusing Modern Warfare’s movement.

“The ability to take out teams 1v3 is crucial,” Lymax added. “You have to know how to outplay entire teams yourself… always want to be pushing, but you need to be smart on the map. You can’t just run down the middle of a street and expect to take out a team. You’ve got to play around cover while pushing them, for instance.”

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Significant patches may change the price of the most effective items in Warzone, but the general strategy remains consistent, according to the squad. Aggression is key if you want high-kill wins and sending out UAVs is a great way to get the jump on opponents.

Years of experience on the sticks with the CoD franchise obviously helps as well, but anyone can up their game thanks to these tactics — whether you can claim the trio’s world record is another matter, but there’s no harm in trying!

April 1 Update at 10:30 AM PST

The trio of Lymaax, Micka, and Zepa have once again broken their world record for kills in a single match. The numbers in the article have been updated to reflect the change.