Warzone 2 gameplay and map details leaked by Call of Duty pro

Warzone Opertaor holding weaponActivision

Metaphor, A Warzone pro player claimed to see Warzone 2 gameplay and shared his thoughts.

An Activision internal document leaked a Warzone 2 release date. Slated to launch November 16, Warzone’s much-anticipated sequel has fans on the edge of their seats waiting. Unfortunately, concrete details are scarce for the upcoming battle royale.

We know that a brand new map is launching alongside Warzone 2. Industry Insider Tom Henderson revealed an image of the entire map, including every POI. Swimming makes its debut and will be a crucial traversal method in the new experience.

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A Warzone pro player claimed to see the new map featuring a match with bots, and they shared their positive impressions.

Warzone pro provides Warzone 2 insight

Tom Henderson's leaked Warzone 2 mapTry Hard Guides
Tom Henderson’s map shows the location of every POI on the Warzone 2 map.

Warzone streamer Metaphor allegedly saw the new Warzone 2 map and claimed it is “beautiful” in-game.

When asked about gameplay, Metaphor responded, “I have seen gameplay of Multiplayer/DMZ/ Warzone 2 and can confirm it looks gorgeous visually, the buildings are detailed on the inside better, and the movement is more grounded.”

The Warzone pro confirmed slide canceling is no longer a feature, and the game “feels more like CoD 4.”

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On August 11, Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer developed revealed a new map, Farm 18. At the end of the reveal trailer, we got a first look at gunplay. The AR in the trailer appeared to have massive recoil.

Metaphor stated, “The recoil you saw in the trailer they released was fake; that’s all I will say.”

When asked if the new map resembles Verdansk, Metaphor claimed Warzone 2 plays like a mix of Blackout and Caldera.

Activision or Infinity Ward did not confirm any of Methaphor’s claims but are a positive indication of what’s to come.

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