Tommey wins his own $25K ‘Best Ever’ Warzone event: Final results

Warzone Tommey Best Ever Warzne event cover artActivision / BoomTV

One of Warzone’s top streamers just hosted what he called ‘The Best Ever’ tournament as Tommey teamed up with BoomTV for a major $25,000 event. While none other than Tommey himself walked away victorious in his own competition, here’s a full recap on how the action unfolded.

  • Tommey, Almond, & Newbz end in first place.
  • The full TBE squad also secured most kills overall.
  • $25,000 prize pool with Trios Customs format.

As Warzone’s highest-earning player today, Tommey has found more success in the CoD battle royale than anyone else. While the former competitive pro had a great run in Verdansk, his success has only reached new levels since landing in Caldera.

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Giving back to the community in a big way, the popular streamer just hosted his biggest event yet with BoomTV. $25,000 was on the line for not only fellow Warzone stars, but for fans who punched their ticket in early qualifiers as well.

Here’s everything you need to catch up on Tommey’s Best Ever Warzone tournament.

Tommey’s Best Ever Warzone event: Final Placements

Placement Team Kills Points Prize
1st Team Tommey 78 155 $10,000
2nd Team HusKerrs 76 136 $4,000
3rd Team zsmit 58 101 $2,000
4th Team Lenun 54 101
5th Team Jukeyz 56 98
6th Team Destroy 41 88
7th Team Shukznorris 54 82
8th Team PicNickBasket 51 81

Tommey’s Best Ever Warzone event: Results & Recap

Rather than a kill-race event in public lobbies, customs were in focus for Tommey’s ultimate Warzone tourney. With dozens of stacked Trios all dropping in, we saw six of the sweatiest lobbies thus far in Caldera.

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While the likes of Destroy, Jukeyz, and HusKerrs all led their Trios to success throughout the event, none could stop the host. It was Tommey who came into his own event with more momentum than anyone else.

Not only did his full TBE squad with Newbz & Almond win the overall event, but they even took out the highest-kills bonus as well. An absolutely dominant showing from the tournament organizer and another major win in Caldera to keep the streak alive.

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Tommey’s Best Ever Warzone event: Streams & Schedule

As you would expect, with Tommey hosting the event, he kept on top of every round directly on his Twitch stream. While you can still tune in to individual POVs, this was the best way to keep on top of every series.

The main event kicked off at 12PM PT | 3PM ET on Monday, January 31. Though two rounds of qualifiers were held just 24 hours prior, giving teams around the world a chance to earn their way through.

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Tommey’s Best Ever Warzone event: Format

Tommey’s Best Ever Warzone tournament featured a Trios Customs format. Teams of three competed across six custom lobbies battling for not only kills, but a higher placement in each round.

Warzone Pacific gameplayActivision
Tommey’s very own Warzone tourney dropped Trios into custom lobbies in Caldera.

A few notable rules were in place throughout these customs, however. Only Vanguard guns were allowed and a range of vehicles like Berthas and Planes were banned. Moreover, teams were capped to a maximum of one sniper per Trio. 

While $25,000 was up for grabs, the prize pool was split in a unique way for this event. Below is a quick breakdown of how cash was paid out:

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  • 1st place – $10,000
  • 2nd place – $4,000
  • 3rd place – $2,000
  • Map winner – $1,000 each map
  • Most kills overall – $2,000 bonus
  • Least kills overall – $1,000 bonus

Tommey’s Best Ever Warzone event: Players & Teams

With the Best Ever Warzone tournament, Tommey split the playing field. A number of top streamers received direct invites to the main event, but they were joined by six other Trios that pushed their way through early qualifiers.

Below is a full look at every Trio that dropped into the $25K tournament.

HisokaT42, RealSkullFace49, & ShiftyTV (Qualifier #1) Braxtvnn, Envader, & Fukluvey (Qualifier #1) Rayskiis, MasterMind, & JohnnyFrys (Qualifier #1)
Qrissy, Hmay, & Xundae (Qualifier #2) QueenBitty, HeyLovely, & celbearr (Qualifier #2) Smixie, BrittneyRaines, & Kenzrosey (Qualifier #2)
Jukeyz, Fifakill, & Robstar Lenun, Vapulear, & Louicm Aydan, DiazBiffle, & SuperEvan
Destroy, Apathy, & Slacked HusKerrs, Scummn, & Unrational zsmit, Intechs, & Stukawaki
Shuknorris, Splashed, & Pierocod Tommey, Almond, & Newbz Nickool, Picnickbasket, & BasedGodXenon
Woakzyn, Jaywity, & Vimsen Flxnked, Ahtract, & Zjelly Blinney, Chunkrjt, & Oli
Braalik, Exzachtt, & ForeignJase Rated, Mayappo, & OtterEyes Kwrky, Mikerevolt, & Bubblect
Fuzzn, Darzity, & CPentagon YKTdeleo, Denxh, & Skrapz Savyultra90, Bblade, & Waartex
Swagg, Booya, & Santana JoeWo, Breadman, & PrxdigyEU eBatez, ItsEyeQew, TBA


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