Warzone pro exposes their cheats during $100k tournament, blames it on glitch


A Warzone pro has disappeared off the internet after seemingly outing himself as using cheats during the $100k Warzone World Classic tournament. 

While many of the headaches around cheating in Call of Duty: Warzone have come in public matches, some players have been able to avoid detection and get them into lucrative online tournaments. 

Given that many of these tournaments are streamed to thousands of viewers, plenty of these would-be cheaters have been exposed and ultimately ruined their reputation as some of the best players around. Some have even slipped up themselves and shown off their cheats while trying to keep them a secret.

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With Warzone 2 launching, tournaments have been coming thick and first. The $100,000 Warzone World Classic is the biggest yet, but players had suspicions about Exoniz, a player who was representing Turkey. 

Warzone pro Exoniz exposes cheats mid-tournament

In the build-up to the event, which kicked off on December 6, a handful of players posted clips of Exoniz’s gameplay to social media, trying to alert the tournament organizers to their suspicions. 

The player was ultimately allowed to participate, however, during the tournament, he tried to disprove the claims by showing off his monitor to viewers on Twitch. 

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Yet, upon moving the monitor around, a menu popped up in the middle of the screen. The Turkish representative claimed that it was just a glitch because he has multiple monitors, but others quickly pointed out that it looked a lot more like a cheat menu rather than the display configuration. 

With the clip going viral around Twitter, the streamer ditched his Twitch stream and deleted the VOD. However, since then, both his Twitter and Twitch accounts have been removed.

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Exoniz’s teammate for the tournament, forpantheonn, initially defended him from the claims, but ultimately apologized. “I got shocked and blocked him immediately. I’m sorry for everything,” he tweeted.

The tournament still has a day to run, but Turkey have seemingly been disqualified as their results now read as a complete clean sweep of losses.

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