Warzone pro Aydan proves he’s more than just a streamer with insane League Play clutch

New York Subliners/Activision

Aydan has been considered a top competitor in both Fortnite and Warzone, two of the biggest battle royale titles in the history of the genre. But does he have a future in the Call of Duty League too?

Something you’ll learn about most high-level gamers is that they can translate their skills to pretty much any game.

The same is obviously true for Aydan, who represents the New York Subliners in Verdansk, and decided to drop into the regular multiplayer of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War to test out his skills.

While he’s not commonly known for his prowess in CDL modes like Hardpoint and Search and Destroy, Aydan jumped into some games and proved he’s absolutely no slouch.

aydan new york cityNew York Subliners
Aydan is a top Warzone competitor.

After several poor rounds, going 2-6 and 2-5 down on Standoff Search and Destroy, one of Aydan’s opponents started trash-talking him — and then he flipped the switch.

Aydan won four straight rounds, with a 6-5 map win and a 12-6 finish, earning himself ten straight eliminations without dying.

Of course, he couldn’t let his trash-talking opponent get away with their slander, letting them know in the game chat after. “Sit the f**k down,” he shouted after finishing 3 in the final round alone. “Suck my d**k” he exclaimed, clearly gassed about his emphatic comeback.

Of course, this wasn’t exactly an intense game 5 matchup against CDL champions Atlanta FaZe, but it was no doubt a top performance from Aydan who clearly has a magic touch when it comes to Call of Duty.

It’s definitely got fans begging the question though… What if Aydan wanted to take competitive Call of Duty seriously? We don’t see him replacing anyone on the New York Subliners roster any time soon, but there’s clearly some inate competitive talent there that could be nurtured.