Warzone players want new ‘Rangefinder’ item that would be perfect for BR

Theo Salaun

Among Call of Duty: Warzone’s tactical equipment, the Heartbeat Sensor reigns supreme—but a new fan suggestion, the ‘Rangefinder,’ could change that.

There are some common loadouts you find across Warzone matches, with guns like the Grau and MP5 being accompanied by equipment like the Heartbeat Sensor and C4. Some will replace the MP5 with an HDR for range, while some might use a Stun Grenade as their tactical.

Still, the Heartbeat Sensor is king, especially in the early game, as it gives you the power of a shoddy, close-range UAV in your pocket. While scouting your nearby surroundings is helpful, what about looking at greater distances? A rangefinder, as used in golf, or a set of binoculars, could solve this issue discreetly—sans a sniper’s muzzle flash or lens glare.


Call of Duty’s Heartbeat Sensor allows you to locate enemies up to 50 meters away.

There are two possible solutions to researching faraway areas: 1) a strongly scoped sniper or 2) an Advanced UAV (costing a clean $12,000 for three simultaneous UAV’s).

The issues with the former are simple, some players don’t run snipers and those who do may not want their position given away by their sniper’s muzzle flash or lens glare (while none of the best sniper loadouts use Muzzle Flash Guards, even using one fails to negate lens glare).


As easily seen here, muzzle flash and lens flare easily give your position away when sniping in Call of Duty.

The issues with the latter are similarly obvious, an Advanced UAV costs a lot of money and doesn’t last for an extraordinary amount of time.

Cue the Rangefinder tactical. Whatever form it comes in, binocular or otherwise, this device could enable players to scope out their surroundings without being easily spotted—making it a perfect complementary device for squads already running one close-range Heartbeat Sensor.

As shared by ‘aedanerickson’ on Reddit, players running this piece of equipment could “zoom into it and watch opponents from a distance without sniper glare.”



While some may point out that the binoculars offered by the Precision Airstrike offer this utility, they ignore the added functionality such a device could offer. Different suggestions range from having a thermal toggle to variable zoom to being able to easily ping enemies for your teammates—none of these are offered by the Precision Airstrike.

Some of those benefits may be offered by a Recon Drone, but with obvious range limitations.

The Rangefinder tactical concept requires some fine-tuning, but it would address a need not currently handled in Warzone while providing an alternative option to the ever-popular Heartbeat Sensor.

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