Warzone players want a fix to “ridiculous” Gulag noises in Season 4

Alan Bernal

Call of Duty players want a fix to a burgeoning problem in Warzone’s new Hijacked Gulag, where 1v1 matches are apparently getting ruined by the excessive noises in the arena.

Battle royales these days have ways for players to spawn back into the action should they get taken out. In Warzone, that opportunity comes via a duel against another player at the Gulag trial, all while others watch from the sidelines before their chance to fight.

But the Gulag has a new look in Warzone Season 4, and some players are already chiming in about some minor tweaks that can make a big difference.

On Reddit, user ‘Vyra_Static’ brought up the audio issues in Warzone’s new arena and there were quite a few people with similar issues – and others who might’ve made had their fun at the bug’s expense.

“Is it just me or are the footsteps of the spectators in the Gulag way too loud?” Vyra_Static noted. “I can’t hear where the enemy is at all over it and it’s extremely distracting hearing them stomp around on the stairs.”

People might need some time to get used to the new map, but there are already some big issues that they want adjusted.

“Hate the new Gulag,” user ‘K0NSPIRACY‘ said. “With the ridiculous footsteps above and poor lighting, this is the worst Gulag we have had in my opinion.”

There are some upsides that some people found since it can give people an incentive to actually fight instead of camping.

The audio noises from spectators above Warzone’s new Gulag could be causing problems.

“I actually like that you hear their footsteps. If it was just you and your adversary the gulag would become even more campy,” user ‘AboubakarKeita’ said.

Even though they have their supposed benefits, a lot more people were interested in plugging up the audio spills instead.

If the problem persists, it could be something Raven Software looks at to see if there’s a way to tune it down before it starts being a problem.

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