Warzone players want death chat & Gulag changed to improve trash talk

Theo Salaun
warzone players idea call of duty trash talk

Call of Duty: Warzone’s most passionate trash talkers are hoping devs and other players will consider their ideal reworks for a core mechanic: the death chat. If they have their way, death chat could get real old-school.

Most CoD players will tell you of the olden days of Modern Warfare multiplayer lobbies, where boys turned to men and children learned words they probably shouldn’t have. The virtual version of pick-up basketball, MP has a lot of trash talk… and Warzone fans want in on that action.

The only chances for smack talk in CoD’s battle royale are either for a brief moment when you’ve been killed or at the end of the game. Both also exist in multiplayer as well, but Verdansk misses the joy of pre-game banter in the lobby.

So, as suggested by Reddit’s ‘Chains-of-Ice,’ what if Warzone’s death chat went both ways and lasted a full five seconds? The idea is divisive, but the community is knee-deep in figuring out how to get that level of spice into the game.

Black Ops Cold War gameplay
The lobby trash talk in multiplayer is hard to match.

Chains brought their idea to Warzone’s subreddit with a simple title: “I wish death chat went both ways and was extended to 5 seconds.” Knowing it might not be very realistic, they continued: “I know it will never happen, but a man can dream.”

But, over 1,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments later, it appears that the idea struck a chord. 

While the top comment, from ‘joshmessages,’ wasn’t very fond of the idea — others seem quite interested. Josh said “this game is toxic enough already,” that didn’t stop people from saying they “love” the concept and, even further, adding on other possibilities.

Another user, ‘Kernow_Kant,’ piled on in support of more trash talk: “open mic when fighting in the Gulag would be funny.”

Warzone gulag
Imagine getting to talk to your opponent during the Gulag? Pure content.

And they’re right, can you imagine the chaos in Verdansk if you could talk trash to your opponent in the Gulag? The mind games would be on another level. That, along with double-sided death chat would make for a spicier BR than ever.

Of course, if the community can’t fully agree on wanting these changes, it’s unlikely the developers will be convinced. But there’s definitely some discussion going and, if it picks up momentum, maybe we’ll get more fire in Warzone lobbies at some point.