Comedy ensues as Call of Duty redditors officially settle trash talk with in-game 1v1s

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There’s no better way to settle trash talk in Call of Duty than a 1v1, so players should be delighted to know that Reddit’s most toxic players are finally squashing their beef with trips to Nuketown.

Of all subreddits devoted to the Wild West that is the Call of Duty franchise, r/CoDCompetitive is perhaps the spiciest. Unlike game-specific communities, devoted to titles like Black Ops Cold War or Warzone, CoDCompetitive is about the professional and most competitive scenes.

As such, it should be no surprise that the redditors active there are… quite competitive themselves.

In a picture-perfect example of that competitive spirit, and settling trash talk with honor, two Redditors decided to walk the walk. And, after duking it out 1v1 in Nuketown, the situation ended magically, in a tale of justice and humility.

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As Reddit’s ‘StopBanningMePLz412’ explained, the drama started with a newcomer to the sub, ‘idrinkIPAstoodude,’ coming on and sharing their highlights — only to end up beefing with everyone and “talking trash about how all of us on here are complete ass.”

Then, StopBanningMe responded as any true CoD enthusiast should: by offering to play them 1v1.

That’s a situation most CoD fans on the internet are familiar with. But, while it’s annoying to have your game disrespected by an anonymous source, StopBanningMe actually succeeded in getting the matchup. And, making matters even better, idrinkIPAs actually uploaded the footage in a moment of honorable humility.

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As you can see, the initial trash talker got absolutely stomped — titling their video “got clapped.” They also posted it to the subreddit afterward, with a simple caption: “man of my word.”

And that’s what all CoD players love to see. The subreddit responded in kind, with some calling this situation an “awesome chain of events,” while others dubbed it “comedy” and gave their “respect” to idrinkIPAs for actually owning up to it.

So that’s our moral of the story: Talking trash is part of CoD, but you’ve got to take it to Nuketown when things go too far.

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