Warzone players claim Iron Trials would be perfect for solos with one major change

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The Iron Trials ‘84 mode was introduced to Warzone in the Season 5 Reloaded update, and since then has earned itself a strong core of dedicated players who want to see the mode become permanent.

With increased health, major changes to Buy Station costs, and — as the name suggests — a much tougher run in Verdansk, some have argued that Iron Trials sets the blueprint for the perfect ranked mode in Warzone.

Since it arrived back into the game, it has rotated through all the modes, and in the October 28 playlist update it replaced the regular Solos mode.

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While this change won’t make everyone happy, a lot of players think solo Iron Trials are significantly better than regular solos — despite one key flaw with it.

warzone iron trialsActivision
Iron Trials has become a regular mainstay in Warzone.

Warzone player whereareyougoing123 says that “Iron Trials is exactly what solos needs,” pointing to how it alters the meta and gameplay styles.

They said: “It’s way less campy and you can find and kill campers since Ghost is way less prevalent. Regaining isn’t difficult coming back from the gulag and unlike other game modes, loadouts aren’t crucial to success.”

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While the post received a lot of upvotes, there was some criticism of the mode. This, in particular, pertained to the Buy Station costs, which become even more of a struggle in Iron Trials than regular solos.

“I understand why an increase to £15,000 might be required in Duos, Trios or Quads, but it’s way too much in Solos,” said DefunctHunk in a separate Reddit post. “I think in Iron Trials Solos the increase should be limited to £12,500 – still an increase from standard BR, but more achievable.”

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Anybody who has played Iron Trials will vouch for how difficult it can be to find enough money for the required $15,000, even in team-based modes, so it’s no surprise that some Warzone players are questioning this cost in solos.

With Iron Trials increasing in popularity, we may see some changes come to the mode still — and it could look completely different by the time the Caldera map arrives in Vanguard’s Warzone Pacific.

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