Warzone players need sunglasses to use a “broken” sniper with hilarious scope

Brad Norton
Warzone sunglasses

Warzone players have been blinded by an outright “broken” scope on the 3-Line Rifle as a particular ground loot Blueprint randomly turns up the brightness.

The Warzone community has had to put up with a fair share of game-breaking issues since the latest update. From weapons not working as intended to Operator skins actually making the game harder, it’s been an uphill battle these past few weeks.

While certain issues could be resolved in the upcoming Season 2 Reloaded patch, the list of problems appears to be growing by the day. Amusingly enough, the most glaring bug of them all, quite literally, has just surfaced.

Players now have to deal with ground loot attacking their retinas. A particular 3-Line Rifle Blueprint should be avoided at all costs unless you happen to game with your sunglasses on.

The ‘Krewe Leader’ sniper rifle Blueprint in Warzone comes equipped with a 1913 Variable 4-8x Optic. While all looks fine on the surface, it’s this unique scope that’s been causing headaches across Caldera.

Upon picking this weapon up and trying to scope in, the game’s brightness randomly changes. Even when indoors, the screen heats up and glare becomes near-impossible to deal with.

“I feel like I’m being flash banged while I’m staring at the sun,” one player joked after noticing the issue during a recent session. Even with its rarity, the Blueprint appeared to make their run more of a challenge than anything.

Currently, there’s no way of resolving the issue in-game. Your only option is to leave this sniper rifle on the ground until a future hotfix is deployed.

Warzone Krewe Leader Blueprint
You likely won’t be hitting any game-winning shots with the Krewe Leader Blueprint in Warzone.

As it stands, Warzone’s devs aren’t yet on the case for this particular glitch, according to the official Trello board. Therefore, it’s unclear exactly when this visual problem will be patched out of the game for good.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted if a temporary solution is found in the coming days. In the meantime, your best bet is simply to avoid the Krewe Leader Blueprint whenever you stumble upon it in Warzone.

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