Warzone players left baffled after recent update massively buffs vehicle health

Warzone Helicopter next to Warzone Pacific LogoActivision

Warzone Pacific players have expressed frustration and concern with the game after the most recent update – introduced on March 2 – appears to have completely broken vehicle health and damage. 

Warzone players are becoming all too accustomed to updates breaking other aspects of the battle royale, with each path introduced by Raven seemingly undoing as many fixes as it introduces.

That, again, appears to be the case with the recently introduced March 2 update. The patch, which introduced a plethora of changes in the Vanguard Royale game mode, also seems to have completely broken vehicle health; in some cases making them near impossible to destroy.

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Warzone player running in CalderaActivision
A number of changes were made to Vanguard Royale in the March 2 update, including an overhaul to the mode’s health system.

Highlighted in a Reddit post by player ‘fletchthe2nd‘, they claim that destroying a helicopter in Warzone now takes an incredible amount of ammunition.

“6 rockets, 2 C4 [and] 5 LMG rounds needed to destroy a helicopter,” they said. “I know they buffed player health but what is going on with the vehicle damage since the update?”

Attached was a clip showing how difficult it now is to destroy a helicopter, with many echoing the OP’s sentiment that the changes must be unintentional.

Previously, a helicopter could be destroyed with one accurate C4 or a well-placed rocket shot. Now, players in helicopters cannot realistically be eliminated unless a whole team bands together to take them down.

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Plenty of other Warzone players responded to say they had experienced similar problems with vehicles since the March 2 update.

They also indicated that it is affecting all vehicles, not just helicopters. One said: “I posted a clip of this too where I blew up two C4s on my car and it didn’t do anything to it.”

As of the time of writing, Raven have not addressed the changes to vehicle health but, with fans unhappy and vehicles offering unprecedented protection, we can hope for a swift patch in the coming days.