Warzone players furious with “pathetic” invisible Gulag gun issues

Sam Comrie
1v1 fight in warzone's gulag

Warzone players need to be on their game to escape the gulag, but emerging victorious is becoming harder as a “pathetic” loading issue is sending players back to the lobby. 

Call of Duty: Warzone may have impressed players when it debuted initially in March 2020, but the road since then has been rocky, to say the least.

Even though Call of Duty: Vanguard has taken over from Modern Warfare and Cold War, Raven Software’s battle royale continues to be plagued by heinous glitches and bugs, with players calling for an entirely new experience.

The gulag is a chance to get even with your enemies and return to battle, but an infuriating issue is seriously ruining the game.

call of duty warzone gulag players fight
The gulag has gone through multiple aesthetic changes, as each season comes along.

“Pathetic” loading problem is killing players

Unfortunately for Reddit user JoTHauMm1, getting out of the gulag wasn’t on the cards as a bizarre loading problem sent them to their death.

As soon as they spawned into Caldera’s gulag, their weapon completely failed to appear within the game, making it possible for them to deal with their enemy.

Players from all facets of the community have chimed in, as the issue is affecting console and PC players. “Literally why I said f*** it and started playing plunder,” user Otherwise_Ad_4965 said in frustration. “It’s also happening on PC. They should be ashamed,” said TheLazyHerbalist.

The obscure problem may have something to do with Warzone’s texture streaming, but others feel a next-gen update could solve these kinds of problems: “It’s a port of the Xbox One version. No word when or if we’re getting a next-gen update.”

“It’s weird because we are seeing a bunch of people with a variety of issues but it doesn’t appear that all of the same issues happen to each console,” added Redditor RoX_TimE_BomB.

Some players are beginning to feel disillusioned by the developers too: “I wouldn’t blame the map but the developers/publisher for cheaping out on all areas of creation. One major sign was when they didn’t even bother using the Vanguard Engine and just reskinned the Warzone they already had out.”

Issues with Warzone are unfortunately commonplace, but as 2022 introduces another era for the game, we can only hope Activision gets Warzone back on track.