CoD players want Infinity Ward to make Warzone 2 with drastic changes


Some Call of Duty players are demanding Infinity Ward create a new version of Warzone, and have requested some pretty groundbreaking changes to go with it.

Warzone has become one of the biggest success stories in CoD history, which is crazy when you consider the size and scale of the franchise globally.

The free-to-play battle royale hit has gone toe-to-toe with the most popular games in the world and become a stomping ground for some of the best FPS players out there.

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That said, some players are unhappy with the direction in which it’s been headed — and they want a reset on it all.

Warzone pacific planeActivision
Some Warzone players have been unimpressed with the direction the game has gone.

Warzone player VinniGreti first brought up the idea and has received a bunch of support ever since.

With thousands of upvotes and comments on their Reddit post about it, VinniGreti does not hold back in his damning verdict of the state of Warzone since Raven Software took over as the main developer.

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“This game has been regressing nonstop ever since Cold War was forced integrated into it because Activision realized it’s cannibalizing their yearly buyers,” the post read. “It’s clear the F2P model doesn’t work in this case because it messes with the studio’s business model of selling a new full-priced game every year. The lower sales of new entries are then blamed on the success of Warzone.”

VinniGreti’s conclusion is a simple one: Infinity Ward release Warzone 2 and treat it like any other yearly CoD release, aborting the free-to-play model and not allowing any other dev to work on it.

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While the post received a lot of support, many comments were also quick to point out that the fact the game is free is what made it so popular, while arguing that the regular updates (including integration with new titles) helped keep the game fresh. While many players express dismay with how Warzone has progressed, they still believe that making this change could kill the game entirely. As HOONIGAN said: “This is why business people make business decisions, and gamers play games.”

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At this point, it’s unlikely we see Infinity Ward decide to develop a Warzone 2, especially since they’re busy at work on the 2022 title reportedly named Modern Warfare 2. That said, stranger things have happened.

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