Dr Disrespect wants Warzone to abandon “unplayable” Caldera already

Joe Craven
Dr Disrespect streamer next to Caldera
Dr Disrespect / Activision

YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect has called on Raven to “scrap” Caldera already, highlighting the game’s issues and calling it “unplayable” in Warzone Pacific Season One. 

After nearly two years of Verdansk, December 2021 brought Caldera and a luscious Pacific environment to Call of Duty: Warzone. Whilst the change was welcomed by many hoping for new content in the battle royale, the game has been marred by a plethora of bugs and glitches since.

That, paired with Raven’s break for the holidays, has led many to become frustrated with the sustained problems Warzone is experiencing. Some, like pro player and community favorite Aydan, have even considered leaving the game altogether.

Another vocal critic of Warzone since the transition to the Pacific has been Dr Disrespect, the mustached YouTube entertainer known for his violence, speed, and momentum.

Warzone Pacific Caldera Map with pacific logo
Season 1 of Vanguard and Warzone Pacific is underway, but problems are afoot.

In the past, he has urged Raven to “wake up” and fix the game’s invasive issues but, amid a frustrating lack of changes, he slammed the game for its problems during his January 7 stream.

After winning a Gulag and dropping back in alongside TimTheTatman, the Doc was promptly eliminated in a flurry of bullets and audio problems.

“The state of this game, for me, it’s almost unplayable,” he said. “So f**king terrible. It really is. I got network issues, I can’t see sh*t. You take two bullets, my game’s rubber-banding, there’s no audio. This map – I’d scrap it right now and already have like a new map. It’s a triple-A title.”

Timestamp – 1:29:30

Unfortunately, despite the Doc’s wishes, it seems unlikely that Caldera will be going anywhere any time soon. Verdansk remained for just shy of two years and devs have emphasized Caldera as a long-term replacement in the past.

The solution, then, seems to be simple: fix Warzone Pacific’s problems as soon as possible.

With the devs back from their holiday break, we can hope upcoming patches go some way to doing just that.