Warzone players claim Season 4 meta changes have made BR “too hard” for casuals

Joe Craven
Vargo 52 being used in Black Ops Cold War with Warzone Pacific logo

Warzone players are claiming that frequent meta changes – like those that dropped recently with Season 4 – are making the game “incredibly difficult” for casuals, especially with skill-based matchmaking in the mix too.

Warzone Season 4, as has become the norm in the Call of Duty battle royale, constituted a fairly comprehensive meta shake-up. Weapons were buffed and nerfed, bugs were patched and we even got a new map in the form of Fortune’s Keep.

While the changes are generally welcomed by the game’s most prominent voices (streamers, pro players, and content creators), they appear to be frustrating those who have less time to invest in Warzone.

Warzone meta changes and new content making game “too hard” for casuals

In a July 15 Reddit post, one player stated that, because of other commitments, they cannot invest nearly as much time as they’d like into the Warzone.

As a result, new content, weapons, and maps do little but make the game “incredibly difficult” to engage with.

They explained: “I don’t have time to level up those guns. I’ve been playing for the first time since April today and early game I’m shredding… But the second loadout drops, I’m wildly outgunned… it’s just really annoying that I’d be winning games constantly in my first day back in 3 months if it weren’t for all my best guns being nerfed into the ground since I last played.”

It was joined by another post from a casual player who echoed much of the sentiment and claimed that the BR has become “too hard” as a result of committed player improvements and matchmaking.

They said: “Warzone is too hard… My hyper competitive shooter days are over unfortunately… WZ was fun when it was new and different, now it is simply just too much for the casual gamer.”

While Call of Duty has long been a casual shooter, many clearly feel that Warzone needs to do more to ensure players who don’t invest copious amounts of time can still enjoy themselves.

It is a fine line to tread though, with better and worse players only natural in any game’s community. Here’s hoping Raven are able to strike a better balance moving forwards.