Warzone cheat provider allegedly stealing & mining Bitcoin from buyers’ PCs

warzone hacker screen red squares with warzone logo and bitcoin logoActivision/Bitcoin

A Warzone cheat provider has been accused of stealing Bitcoin from customers’ PCs, and even using them to mine Bitcoin, according to users.

In a number of leaked messages from a Warzone hacking Discord server, members have claimed that cheat provider ‘Cobalt Solutions’ is stealing from them and also using their PCs to mine Bitcoin.

The leaked Discord messages, from a user called ‘Xav,’ warns others in the server to stop using Cobalt Solutions for their hacking needs, as allegations were made against the company.

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“They’ve stolen $900 today alone,” Xav said. “No telling how much they have in the past.”

In the other messages, one of the accusers complained about the provider secretly installing things on their PC, saying that it’s even more frustrating “because it’s a good cheat,” before making the Bitcoin mining claims.

Cobalt Solutions respond to Bitcoin stealing accusations

Shortly after the above tweets started to be shared far and wide among the Warzone community, Cobalt Solutions responded to accusations made, addressing users and customers on Discord and even making an offer to anyone able to prove any wrongdoing.

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The message reads: “If anyone is able to concretely prove that Cobalt is a rat through reverse engineered assembly, I will personally shut down Cobalt and provide $20k to the person who proved it … I’ve made this announcement many times and everyone who claimed it’s a rat has ignored/blocked me after requesting concrete evidence.”

This is reportedly not a new practice for cheat providers, with other games such as Rainbow Six Siege apparently being targeted by bitcoin-mining cheat providers in the past, too.

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Whether it’s true or not is as yet unclear, but users will no doubt be investigating further and, more than likely, finding their Warzone cheats elsewhere.