Warzone Mobile leak reveals early gameplay & confirms Verdansk return

Warzone Mobile Logo on Warzone Verdansk backgroundActivision

Fresh leaks have given Call of Duty fans their first look at Warzone Mobile gameplay, seemingly confirming the rumored involvement of the much-loved Verdansk map. 

Similar to Warzone 2, rumors have long swirled around the Call of Duty community regarding a mobile version of the battle royale that first dropped in 2020.

We’ve recently seen rival battle royale Apex Legends drop its mobile title, and current indications suggest Warzone will follow suit in late 2022 or early 2023.

Now, we have our first look at gameplay from Warzone Mobile, revealed by reputable leaker CoD_Perseus on Twitter. Perseus has leaked information relating to Call of Duty accurately in the past.

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Warzone mobile jumping out of planeActivision
Warzone Mobile seems likely to launch late in 2022 or early 2023.

The gameplay appears to be taken from an Alpha build of Warzone Mobile, with the message “Currently in development – not representative of final quality” present throughout.

It shows a character in the drop plane, parachuting in, looting up, and getting involved in gunfights.

Most notably, it appears to confirm the return of Verdansk – the fan-favorite map that dropped with Warzone back in March 2020. Verdansk was only removed when Caldera launched in December 2021, and has long been rumored to return with the mobile title.

The leaked gameplay corroborates this information, showing a host of familiar POIs including Prison and Superstore.

A second tweet features a number of screenshots from the game, showing that the Gulag system will return too.

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In almost every way, it looks remarkably similar to Warzone when it first launched, something that will likely attract players of all calibers hoping for a return to the basic battle royale.

Fans were understandably excited by the leaked gameplay, with many commenting on its graphical quality as impressive for a mobile game.

Regardless, it’s worth taking what the gameplay shows with a pinch of salt. While it is heavily indicative of what we can expect when the game launches, much can change during the development process.

As such, it all remains unconfirmed until Activision choose to officially announce details.

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