Warzone players blast Season 3 Gulag as “worst” ever layout

Hold Gulag map in Warzone Season 3 on CalderaActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone players have hit out at the new Gulag map in Season 3, with some calling it the “worst one” that the battle royale has ever had. 

When Warzone was first revealed and released back as a part of Modern Warfare in 2019, the Call of Duty dev teams brought a number of innovations to the battle royale genre.

Aside from being able to use loadouts from multiplayer and killstreaks, the biggest change to the BR formula was the introduction of the Gulag. After being eliminated, players have the chance to redeem themselves and jump back into the fight, so long as they can defeat another slain enemy.

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As the battle royale has been updated, the Gulag formula has remained the same, but has gone through a few variations of layout. In Season 3 Reloaded, the Gulag setup has changed again, and some players believe it’s an “awful” change.

Warzone Season 3 Gulag gameplayActivision
The latest Warzone Gulag layout is among the smallest yet, leaving little room for error.

The new Gulag – Hold, which resembles the belly of a ship – was added at the end of April has been the subject of plenty of complaints from players across social media.

“The current Gulag is the worst. I absolutely hate it,” stated one Redditor, with another fan, Mikerichhh, quickly agreeing: “It punishes those who leave spawn and rewards campers. I hate it.”

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Others claimed that there are still “tonnes” of sound issues relating to Gulag which make it “awful” in its current state. “S3 Gulag is by far the worst one we’ve had. Still tons of sound issues that have been there since Caldera launched,” one player commented.

“Honestly it confuses me as to why they ever deviated from the original Gulag that had a simple layout but worked extremely well,” said ILewdElichika, joining the popular sentiment of bringing back Verdansk’s showers layout.

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On top of the audio issues hampering the Gulag experience, other players suggested the current layout has too many lanes and head glitches to deal with.

Of course, there are unlikely to be any changes to the Gulag anytime soon, seeing as it only arrived fairly recently. Though, who knows what is planned for the next update.

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