Bizarre Warzone sentry gun glitch is making trucks unusable

Bizarre Warzone sentry gun glitch is making trucks unusableActivision

Warzone’s Season Four Reloaded update introduced the Sentry Gun to Verdansk. This is one of Multiplayer’s most iconic killstreak and players have been finding out different ways to use the turret – but this newly discovered tactic might be game-breaking. 

Warzone continues to integrate new content into the game with every update, and with its latest, the devs added Sentry Guns.

These turrets are stationary killing machines but some players have been taking it on the road with them as they roam Verdansk. To access the one you’ll need to find a Red Door and hope luck is on your side.

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Not only are these turrets a big part of Season Four, but cargo trucks are also a big part of Warzone generally. They allow you to get around the map, carry your full squad, and have a lot of health, making them hard to destroy. So this has players thinking, what could possibly go wrong when you combine a sentry with a truck?

warzone season 4 sentry gun killstreakActivision
The Sentry Gun is the latest killstreak added to Warzone, but is bugged in certain interactions.

Sentry Gun bugs out on Bertha

Having armed trucks in Warzone sounds like a lot of fun and definitely could be helpful to pick up some wins in Verdansk. However, the cargo truck, better known as ‘Big Bertha’ doesn’t want an upgrade anytime soon.

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As seen in this Reddit clip posted by ‘AdamMarsdenUK’, the player deploys their sentry on top of the Bertha and gets in the truck. All of a sudden, Bertha starts to freak out and spin uncontrollably making it completely unusable. Luckily for the player, they were able to get out of the truck before it exploded.

We’d recommend avoiding this strat, because even if you manage to escape the truck in time too, your transport will certainly be gone. However, we have seen players were putting the sentry gun in the bed of the truck and it would shoot players if the driver was moving very slow.

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It is unclear why this happens when placed on the roof of the car, but it could be deliberate, as it’s likely a tactic that the dev team did not want players to use.