Bizarre Warzone bug makes hitting headshots on Snoop Dogg impossible

. 2 months ago

Snoop Dogg hit the Call of duty scene with meteoric impact and players can’t step into a Warzone lobby without running into The Doggfather’s iconic mug at least once a game. Thanks to this disappearing head glitch, that might be more of a curse than Activision intended. 

There has been no shortage of weird bugs in Warzone’s history but this one might take the top spot in terms of impact on gameplay.

While problems like spawning in the gas after winning your gulag are annoying, at least they can’t be forcefully replicated by devious players.

This Snoop glitch on the other hand will almost certainly get taken advantage of by the less scrupulous of the community.

Snoop Dogg’s head does a vanishing act in Warzone

Snoop Dogg Warzone Vanguard CoD Mobile
Snoop Dogg recently made waves after coming to such games as Vanguard, Warzone, and CoD Mobile.

The bug occurs when using the Akimbo attachment on the Top Break pistol.

In an instant, the Dogg’s head completely goes away, leaving opposing players to just guess as to where they’re shooting.


As soon as the affected player switches weapons though, it’s business as usual for the franchise’s favorite rapper.

This will certainly cause fits for opposing teams, but at least some players are finding humor in it as well.

One commenter joked that you’ve got to take your advantages where you can get them in a game as dangerous as Warzone: “200 IQ play. No one can headshot you if you don’t have a head…”

A similar problem (the Headless Horseman bug) popped up during the Season 2 launch but was quickly patched out.

This kind of bug won’t last long, so anyone who wants to hop on the trends and freak out their friends should keep an eye on Raven Software’s Trello board for known issues and incoming fixes.

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