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Call of Duty

Warzone leak suggests new map could include sandstorm feature

Published: 5/May/2020 19:51

by Alan Bernal


A leak for Call of Duty Warzone shows how the battle royale could potentially change as rumors of a new map continue to swirl with Season 4 looming.

While prominent leaker TheGamingRevolution debunked theories that a new map was coming to Warzone, a leak for a large area surrounded by a sandstorm is keeping fans on their toes.

A whole map change seems out of the cards, for now, but we do know that Infinity Ward are planning to implement a “whole other part of Verdansk [that players] haven’t seen yet.”

Infinity Ward
The gas in Warzone could be updated in a new map or mode.

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That makes a new leak via ‘ModernWarzone,’ discovered by a mod in their Discord, all the more intriguing for the impact that these changes could have on the 150-player mode.


The images revealed a “stagnant sandstorm” surrounding what could be Urzikstan, the name of what could be the next expansion of the Warzone battlefield.

An update like this would change up the deadly out-of-bounds effect surrounding the game’s playable parameters.

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ModernWarzone doesn’t expect the new map changes, if any, to be coming soon, but a change to the game’s design element could have more effects to the game than a simple visual update.

Back with Battlefield V Firestorm, the edge of the maps resembled a large and continuously spreading wall of fire to replace what was the traditional ‘gas’ seen throughout the genre.


Taking another approach to calamities closing in on a map, a sandstorm update in Warzone could also affect how the zone affects players. Sandstorms are notorious for completely obscuring a person’s visibility.

Firestorn introduced a closing wall of fire, Warzone could bring a closing wall of sand.

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The large plumes of sand in the leaks could possibly carry a similar consequence for players along with slowly chipping away at their health.

These takes don’t confirm an upcoming map change for Warzone since it could also be a sign of a dynamic mode unlike any seen before, since IW is already planning to introduce new playlists in the future.

Something like a sandstorm to mix up the Warzone formula could definitely be an interesting prospect to renew interest in the battle royale.