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Warzone Games of Summer: how to get gold medals in all five trials

Published: 3/Sep/2020 8:31 Updated: 3/Sep/2020 9:00

by Brad Norton


Warzone’s Games of Summer event is now fully underway as all five trials have gone live. From movement skills to accuracy, you’ll be put to the test in a number of ways. However, we’ve got you covered with a guide to help you go for gold in each challenge.

Games of Summer kicked off on August 28 and is set to run through until September 7. Players have a limited time to test their skills in five unique trials. Doing so will award plenty of cosmetics unlocks and a special Blueprint for the most elite competitors.

Each of the minigames comes with three tiers of unlocks: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. They all provide different items, but reaching the top prize across the board will give you ultimate bragging rights. Some challenges are easier than others and all of them will test you in a unique way.


From movement-based trials to courses that will test your accuracy, there’s a lot to get through. If you’re pushing for the gold medal in every challenge, we’re here to help with a simple guide to boost your scores.

Games of Summer: Risky Parkour Gold Medal guide

Games of Summer Warzone
Infinity Ward
There are five gold medals to claim in the Games of Summer event.

The first trial to be released during the Games of Summer event was Risky Parkour. This unique map tasks players with getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Jumping, sliding, and sprinting your way to the finish line is easier said than done, however. Especially when it comes to breaking the 40-second mark for the gold medal.


In order to truly push the pace in this trial, make sure you’re mapping out a perfect path before putting it all together. Take a few minutes to go through each section one by one. Figure out where to jump, which objects to mantle on, and which path you’ll take. 

Once you’re ready to chain it together, be sure to use every trick in the book. Slide canceling will be your favorite tactic in no time. Just when your tac-sprint is running out, a quick slide will keep your momentum. Strafe jumping is also key, especially inside the barn. Look to position yourself in such a way as to clear the indoor jump without needing to run up the stairs. This will save more time than almost any other trick.


Games of Summer: Gun Course Gold Medal guide

Warzone Games of Summer
Infinity Ward
The Gun Course can be completed without ever reloading.

For the second Games of Summer trial, you’ll need to make sure your aim is warmed up. This challenge has you running through a map and taking down every enemy target in sight. However, you’ll have to avoid shooting civilians or else your score will be dragged down in a big way.

To maximize your efficiency here, aim to line up as many collateral kills as possible. Not only will this knockdown targets in a speedy manner, but it will also ensure that you never have to reload. Stopping to reload a weapon is what takes the most time out of your run. Wielding an SMG and a pistol can prevent that from happening if you make every shot count.


Similar to the parkour trial, take some time to map out each section in the gun course. Figure out which targets align and how you can take down multiple with just a single shot. Once you’ve got a strategy in place, a little bit of practice will see you blitzing through to gold with plenty of time to spare.

Games of Summer: Marksman Challenge Gold Medal guide

This trial is all about accuracy. While others mix plenty of different factors into play, here you’ll purely be focusing on gun skills. A sniper lays ahead of you at the beginning and you’ll have a set amount of time to knock down targets in the distance. Some are quite close while others are extremely far away. Some are static while others are constantly in motion.


Just like the previous challenge, multiple targets can be fired through with a single round. So try to be patient and time your shots. There’s a gap between each pull of the trigger so saving time by connecting with two targets at once is huge. 

Another piece of advice is to space out your reloads. After you clear a full wave of targets, there’s a brief interval before the next batch appears. Use this to your advantage and refill the sniper while there’s nothing to shoot at. After a few rounds of learning target patterns and timing everything right, another gold medal should be yours.

Games of Summer: Price’s Alley Gold Medal guide

If your aim is on point, Price’s Alley is next up in the hunt for five gold medals. Through this challenge, you’ll only be equipped with the Renetti handgun. It’s up to you to keep a combo alive as you shoot down a near-endless wave of enemy targets.

Tagging one target with a headshot or a body shot will add to your combo meter. The more you’re able to hit without missing a shot or without letting the meter run out, the higher your score. As you progress, that bar will diminish in the blink of an eye. Missing even a single shot could bring your run to an end. So the goal here is to remain composed.

Try not to panic and spray everywhere. Time your shots well, predict where the next targets will be, and line things up properly. While missing will cost you, hitting civilians is even worse. So you’ll need to be sharp the whole way through. Pace yourself to begin with as the best runs in this mode come from extraordinary combos.

Games of Summer: Shooting Range Gold Medal guide

Warzone shooting range
Infinity Ward
You’ll always want to be on the move in the Shooting Range

Last but not least, the shooting range is as simple as they come. If you’re an experienced Gunfight player, you’ll already know the layout of the map. 40 targets are spread across the close quarter’s battlefield and you need to rush through knocking them all down as usual.

Similar to the Gun Course, you’ll want to conserve ammo at all costs. Reloading will take up far too much of your valuable time when hunting for gold. So aim to line up collateral shots, and make sure you’re not wildly missing with each target.

After a few runs, you’ll begin to grow familiar with the target locations as they spawn in the same place each go around. Running with automatic weapons is great for large clips, but be sure not to spray for too long at the one target. Pepper your shots and always be on the move. You’ll be able to smash through the 30-second goal in no time.