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Warzone devs investigating broken hitmarkers after new update

Published: 6/Feb/2021 11:04

by Joe Craven


Raven Software, now lead developers on Call of Duty’s battle royale Warzone, have confirmed they are investigating the issues with hitmarkers following the February 5 patch. 

Despite Warzone’s undeniable popularity, many fans have become frustrated at various points as invasive bugs come and go.

Some of the most egregious offenders are the infamous ‘demon gun’ glitch and infinite stim. The latter was actually targeted in the February 5 patch following its reappearance but, hopping back in after the patch was downloaded, many users realized it had broken something pretty vital to the game.

Hitmarkers, used by the game to indicate damage being dealt to an opponent, were failing to register for some users. This was not an issue prior to the February 5 patch being implemented.


Given the prevalence of the problem, Raven were quick to confirm they were investigating the issues late on February 5. They said: “FYI we’re looking into the claims that hit markers are inconsistent following last night’s update.”

Attached was a link to Warzone’s Trello page, confirming that it is under investigation. The card is titled “Hit markers: Enemies inconsistently show hit markers and kill markers when shot”. As of the time of writing – 5:30am EST on February 6 – it is still marked as unsolved.

Warzone Trello Raven Software
The Warzone Trello card relating to hitmarker issues.

Many users have been immensely frustrated by the issues, which seemingly surfaced out of a patch that was unrelated to any hitmarker or hit-registration issues.


What’s more, the issues seem to be fairly random. Some players have reported the problems as coming and going in games, meaning a cause is also difficult to identify.

However, with the problems now on Raven’s radar, we can expect a swift patch once the problem is isolated and recreated in a developer environment. After that, expect a small update live to fix the problems and return Warzone’s hitmarkers to their normal state.